Be Thankful Living in Indonesia, Fasting Just 14 Hours. 10 Countries This is the Fastest Time of Fasting in the World!

Be Thankful LivingThe coming month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide welcomed him with delight. Holding hunger and drinking for a day is not a sad thing but it is celebrated. Moreover, the Muslims of Indonesia, a lot of ways to enliven the month of Ramadan. Starting from breaking the fast, tabligh akbar to the parade of young children wrapped in the festival. Meriah just the point!

You must be lucky to live in Indonesia, when fasting only ranged between 13-14 hours only. Never mind the other countries whose fasting time is longer. Duh, we wrote that from dawn until Maghrib aja already lemes really, how are you longer than us?

Al Jazeera released the duration of fasting countries around the world. And here are the 10 countries that have the longest distance between sahur and iftar. Cekidot!

Ramadan in 2017 will begin on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Muslims around the world will perform fasting with different times

Last year, the duration of fasting for the whole world ranged from 11 hours (shortest) to 22 hours (longest). Al Jazeera released fasting time for this year is actually shorter than last year. It starts from 10 hours (shortest) to 21 hours (longest). While Indonesia is still pretty good, just 13-14 hours. Well, it's delicious. Must be many grateful deh living in Indonesia.

The sequence number 10 up to no 7 is the countries that hars fast for about 16 hours. Not bad

Kabul (Afghanistan): 16 hours from 3.02am to 6:58 pm

Tokyo (Japan): 16 hours from 2.44am to 6.49pm

New York (USA): 16.5 hours from 3.54am to 8.17pm

Beijing (China): 16.5 hours from 2.55am to 7.33pm

Sixteen hours may not be too extreme. Yeah let's say you break your fast during tarawih prayer. Still strong dong yes, hehe. Muslims in Afghanistan, Japan, China to America must fast longer than Indonesia, with only 2 hours difference.Most European countries fast for approximately 18 hours, such as the countries below

Brussels, Belgium: 18.5 hours from 3.12 am to 9.41 pm

Astana, Kazakhstan: 18.5 hours from 2.43 am to 9.15 pm

London, UK: 18.5 hours from 2.29am to 9.03pm

Most European countries must fast for quite a long time. Muslims residing in Europe (the Muslim population is increasing very rapidly there) should fast over 18 hours. The range between Maghrib and Dawn is very short, about 5 hours. Yes bayangin aja hell open at 9, tarawih prayer at 11, while sahurnya hours 1. very vulnerable kebablasan sih

Well this is 3 countries that have duration of fasting in the longest day. Fortunately we are not fasting there

Moscow, Russia: 19 hours from 1.49am to 8.56pm

Stockholm, Sweden: 19.5 hours from 1.57am to 9.39pm

Nuuk, Greenland: 21 hours from 2.16 am to 11.14 pm

Fasting up to 19 hours is how it feels? Try traveling or school in Russia or Sweden, you will feel the fast for 19 hours! If still less extreme, please come to Greenland, the largest island in the world. In this place fasting 21 hours nonstop! At dawn 2 and Maghrib at 11 pm. Gokil not tuh. Try deh bayangin break the fast at 11 pm, trus and Isara and Tarawih prayer at half hour. Hours set 2 must be dawn, at 2 adzan dawn. Incredible is not it? Stay tuned every day

How, grateful I live in Indonesia. As a Muslim-majority country, the month of Ramadan is very lively and truly celebrated here. Make friends who are abroad, hopefully still diligent worship yes even though his condition is not as easy when in the hometown. May our fast service be accepted by Allah SWT.

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