Beautiful flowers that symbolize death in various countries

Beautiful flowers that symbolize death in various countries

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Flowers are able to speak in their own way. Maybe that's why many people use it to express feelings, whether it's love, sympathy, or sorrow.

If any interest is considered as a symbol of positive things, of course there are also flowers that are considered as a symbol of negative things, such as death. In every country there must be flowers that are considered to represent death. Here are some of them.

Lily white

Illustration of lily flowers Wikimedia Commons / KENPEI

White lily is a very common flower used during funerals, especially in America and Europe. The white lily flower symbolizes sympathy for abandoned family and relatives.

The distinctive aroma often reminds the citizens of Europe and the United States of the funeral home. Even until there is a manufacturer of perfume that makes a funeral themed with the aroma of lily.

Red spider lily

Flowers higanbana or red spider lily Flickr / Daisuke tashiro

In Japan the flower that symbolizes death is red spider lily or higanbana. According to Japan Visitor, flowers that still include family amaryllis or daffodil is commonly planted in the cemetery. Formerly to prevent wild animals prey on new bodies, because red spider lily tubers contain strong toxins.

Now higanbana is a death flower that is often dedicated to deceased family members, especially during autumn equinox celebrations.

CambodiaCambodian floral illustration Wikimedia Commons / Renesis

If the Japanese used to plant higanbana in the cemetery, Indonesians and Filipinos planted frangipani around the burial complex. According to The Almost Complete Collection of True Singapore Ghost Stories by R. Lee, the flower that has the Latin name Plumeria is synonymous with ghosts and burials in both countries.

Originally a frangipani tree that has a unique shape of stems and flowers was used only markers at the cemetery. But gradually his presence is also linked with a female ghost.


Illustration of marigold flowers

Launched eHow, Mexicans call marigolds as cempasuchil. Cempasuchil is referred to as flor de muertos (flower death) because this flower is often planted near the tombstone.

Marigold also often become a decoration when Dia de los Muertos, a festival of death that is celebrated every year. Usually marigolds will be used to decorate the altar for relatives who have died.

The red rose

Illustration of dark red roses

According to eHow, black roses are also linked to death, because black is a color that is identical with death and the afterlife.

However, because the original black roses did not exist, the dark red roses were used as a substitute.Chrysanthemum

Illustration of chrysanthemum flowers Wikimedia Commons / WriterPat

In some European countries, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, or seruni are used as flowers to convey a sense of grief. Flowers that can also be used as tea is usually given mourners in the form of bouquet to the family members of the deceased.

Corn poppy red

Illustration of red corn poppy flowers Caters News Agency

The red poppy flower is a symbol of the fallen army in World War I. This flower is often encountered during World War Memorial. The reason the red poppy grows on a barren battlefield which is then perpetuated by poet John McCrae in his poem entitled In Flanders Fields.

Those are some types of flowers that are identical to deaths in various countries. [tsr]

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