Beautiful Gardening with Hydroponics

Beautiful Gardening with Hydroponics [/ caption]

Some people think that gardening is difficult and complicated. Especially for women, gardening is considered to dirty the hands, damage the hands, and can be infected with germs or bacteria in the ground. But these assumptions can be broken with the presence of hydrogel as one of the hydroponic planting medium. Currently, gardening techniques with hydroponics are on the rise. Hydroponics is known as an agricultural technique that uses planting media other than soil. Planting media used can be water, sand, gravel, fuel husk, clay, wood powder, and hydrogel. Of all the hydroponics media, which will be discussed here is a hydrogel, because hydrogel has a more unique character, beautiful, and exotic that makes it much preferred by women.

Hydrogel is a substitute soil hydroponic planting medium that is very clean and will not make our hands dirty or rough. Hydrogels include an inorganic growing media type that can be found easily on the market. Hydrogel planting media is made of plastic seeds or also known as polymer material in the form of crystals. With hydrogel texture that is soft, supple, clean, and when touched like jelly, will make anyone who likes gardening will much prefer again in gardening and who do not like gardening will make like. Gardening can not only be done on conventional farms alone, because it has developed many more modern and practical gardening techniques. In fact, gardening can also be done inside the house. It was something previously unexpected.

Hydrogel planting media has several advantages. Among them is can be used as a medium for breeding and can be used for planting media of all types of plants placed in the room. Interesting hydrogel plant media colors, such as blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green will make the indoor plant look even more beautiful and attractive. Moreover, if the container used in the form of pots or glass glass is transparent, so the beautiful colors of the hydrogel can be seen clearly. One more reason why hydrogel planting media is in great demand by the public is because its price is very affordable. The price of this hydrogel planting medium is around Rp 10.000,00 for 10 gram packaging. For the treatment of plants that are grown by using hydrogel planting medium is also arguably quite easy. Just need to occasionally water the leaf surface or also using fertilizer that is sprayed onto the leaf surface.

Hydrogel planting media can store water and nutrients well so there is no need to worry if the plants will lack water. If the hydrogel already appears to shrink, simply spray water with a sprayer to the surface of the hydrogel, whose indication from the hydrogel looks wet, but do not get stagnant. And, if the hydrogel looks dirty, it can be cleaned by washing and soaking the hydrogel into warm water for about 2 hours. Drain the hydrogel first until completely dry, then put back into the pot or vase

Plants to be planted into the hydrogel must have waterproof, high humidity, indoor plants (indoor plants) that can live in reflected light or indirect light, generally not woody, and generally non-flowering plants, due to flowering requires a large supply of light while a large light will cause a mossy hydrogel. In addition, the plant must be completely clean of the soil because the soil can damage the hydrogels and make the hydrogels mossy anyway.

Types of plants that are often grown in hydrogels are generally ornamental plants. However, it turns out that hydrogels can also be planted with vegetables such as caisim, lettuce and kale. However, planting vegetables in this hydrogel is not for cultivation but only as decoration only where the results can also be consumed when the vegetables are ready for picking. To plant vegetables to hydrogel, vegetable seedlings are grown first in the husk charcoal, after a month old (or if it is large) and then transferred into the hydrogel. How to move the same with the removal of ornamental plants.

The steps that must be taken to plant the plant in hydrogel is very easy to apply and can be done by anyone, even for people who have not previously been gardening or do not know the world of agriculture. First, remove the plant from its roots by noticing that there should be no roots the teputus then remove the soil from the roots and wash all parts of the plant to clean including the leaves, roots, until the stem, kar

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