Because of the rest of the tourist food, a monkey in Thailand is obese

Because of the rest of the tourist food, a monkey in Thailand is obese

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Do not indulge in feeding animals when we are traveling to a location full of animals. Moreover, leave the garbage packed brought.

As happened in Thailand, there is a monkey who is overweight (obese) because she often eat the rest of the fast food or drinking soda given the traveler. After the photograph circulated in cyberspace, the animal dubbed 'Uncle Fat' was saved and must undergo a strict diet by eating only fruits and vegetables.

Quoted from the page The Guardian, Saturday (20/5), the monkey was estimated to be ten to 15 years. Make it help to lose weight, now the feed is limited twice a day and only weighing 400 grams, consisting of vegetables, fruits, and low-protein protein. That way Uncle Fat is expected to lose weight in a few months before he was released into the wild.

"This is an example of why people are prohibited from feeding wild monkeys," said the veterinarian responsible for taking care of Uncle Fat, Supakarn Kaewchot.

Supakarn understands most tourists sometimes feel sorry for the monkeys, then decide to feed them. However, he said, better not to give him fast food or soda because it is harmful to health. According to him, indeed in Thailand monkeys roam freely. Usually, their weight ranges from kilograms. While the weight of Uncle Fat reaches 26 kilograms.

Although obese, catching Uncle Fat was not easy. "He is the leader of his flock, and when I want to take it, I must fight with the herd using a log," said the animal handler, Kacha Phukem.

According to Kacha, the rest of the tourists' food was brought by her flock and handed to Uncle Fat. Then, he also gave the food to the little monkeys.

"After some time, her weight started to rise and it looked as if she was a tumor, now her condition is critical and susceptible to heart attacks and diabetes," Kacha said. [ary]

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