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The World Oceans Day 2017 event was held at the UN Office of New York on 8 June. The event was attended by various world figures such as Sir Richard Branson (explorers of the world), Fabien Cousteau (marine researcher), Diego Luna (actor and environmental activist), and Leonardo Dicaprio who was not present directly but entrusted the speech in the form of video.

What is special is in the 5 minute speech, the Oscar-winning actor delivered exorbitant praise to Susi Pudjiastuti, our Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The speech emphasizes the importance of the sea as a source of food for humans that must be preserved. Quoted from Detik, Leonardo calls the leadership of Minister Susi as brave, innovative, and needed leadership around the world.

Not just a sleeping pose that should be a talk and viral in social media, we also need to know what the hell Mrs. Susi diomongin in the UN to fatigue like that. See this Hipwee News & Feature review.

What Leonardo is highlighting is the use of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). Leo said, Minister Susi brought a new era in the fishery system

But the Minister of Fisheries Susi made efforts to eradicate the illegal activities, and became a leader into the era of transparent fisheries management, quoted from Seconds (10/6/2017).

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is a digital system for listing commercial fishing ships. This data can be accessed by the Global Fishing Watch organization, so that the activities of these fishing boats in the ocean can be traced. The goal is to preserve the sea globally. VMS can also detect foreign ships that steal fish, to then be drowned as did Minister Susi.

Some time ago, about 10,000 ships illegally entered Indonesia and took fish in Indonesian waters. This makes local fishermen badly affected. But the Minister of Fisheries Susi made efforts to eradicate the illegal activities, and became a leader into the era of transparent fisheries management, Leonardo said.

Leonardo's praise is certainly very important. Because the capacity is not just a world-class actors, but also environmental activists and the UN Ambassador

Perhaps some of us know Leonardo better as the actor Jack in the legendary movie Titanic. Or cast in the movie The Revenant who gave him an Oscar. But Leonardo is not an ordinary actor. Football terjangnya as environmental activists are not too many. After starring in the Titanic, Leonardo Dicaprio founded the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation whose focus is to save the environment from the effects of global warming. Not only a role in the film that takes environmental issues, Leonardo also produces semi-documentary films such as Before The Flood and Cowspiracy.

So how valuable is Leonardo Dicaprio's praise to Minister Susi? It is obviously very important, considering his capacity as an actor and environmental activist since 1998, which has been rewarded with numerous awards in the field.

At the same event, Minister Susi also called for some important points related to illegal fishing. Not just in Indonesia, Minister Susi is also fierce in the international worldMeanwhile, Minister Susi at the same event called for some important points related to illegal fishing. Starting from the protection of human rights to the sea, the call about fishing with environmentally friendly methods, and the proposed establishment of a world body that is in charge of protecting the sea. Minister Susi also proposed to include illegal fishing as part of international maritime crimes.

Minister Susi's struggle is not only the welfare of local fishermen, but also the global marine sustainability as a supplier of human needs. Reasonable if Leonardo impressed, because they have the same vision and mission.

Previously, Minister Susi also became an icon in a Japanese comic you know. His courage to drown the thief ship was inspiring

Golgo 13 is the oldest manga in Japan, which has been published since 1968. Usually tells the story of snipers. But there is a unique with Golgo which edition December 13, 2016 ago. The comic tells the story of a government figure interviewed by journalists for his activities bombing foreign ships that stole fish.

Not only his activities are similar to Minister Susie, even the stature ranging from clothes, cabaret cap, to sunglasses, all similar. Although it is not clear that the character is Minister Susi, the resemblance makes netizens believe that the comic creator is inspired by our Minister.

In 2016, Minister Susi was also awarded by WWF Leaders for a Living Planet Awards. Its commitment to the sea is already recognized by the world

Leader for a Living Planet Awards is an award given by the international environmental organization WWF to a committed and high contribution to the sustainability of Planet Earth and humans. The award was given to Minister Susi's commitment and consistency in fighting illegal fishing through its Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing (IUUF) program and preserving the country's sovereignty and sustainability of marine and fishery resources.

In addition, Minister Susi's concern on marine biodiversity is evidenced by the determination of Marina Protected Areas (MPA), the area of ??marine biodiversity protection of approximately 1 million hectares.

Minister Susi is famous for her quirky and extreme. But beyond his unusual looks and temperament, his struggle for the ocean is messing around

So far, Minister Susi is famously quirky. Starting from the Drowning sentence! his typical possessions, drinking coffee and relaxing in the middle of the sea, on a dirt bike, to eating street-side meatballs while on a visit. Not to mention, his background as a junior high school graduate is very njomplang compared to other Ministers. But in fact, the performance of Minister Susie did not lose even more flashy than others.

Beyond all kesentrikannya, Minister Susi's performance deserves thumbs up. So even if he sits casually in the middle of the ocean while drinking coffee or sleeping at an airport like at home, we need to remember the contribution of Minister Susi to the sea and fisheries Indonesia is very extraordinary.Other Helpful and Entertaining Articles

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