Beda Sutiyoso, Foke, Jokowi until Ahok as Governor of DKI

Beda Sutiyoso, Foke,As a long-time resident of Jakarta, I have experienced the leadership of the Sutiyoso era until Ahok today. Even for Foke to Ahok I've met to advocate a problem, ranging from clean air, transportation systems to safe food. If Sutiyoso never even met, but our office fitting birthday he came to the office (I have not entered anyway, my boss said), but in my office it parked susseh aja. Understand not office in protocol road hehee.

Sutiyoso become governor of DKI since 1997 to 2007. So 10 years yes or 2 period. When it is not direct elections, so only support from DPRD. And pas Sutiyoso era Jakarta experienced a very tough time, riots May 1998. Thankfully, the trauma soon recovered.

Well, what traces Sutiyoso which means for the citizens of DKI? When Sutiyoso became Governor as well, he made a breakthrough for the public transportation system, namely by making Transjakarta in 2004. So remember, when people were really happy Busway. Especially in the early launch of digratisin. So happy to have Busway, many who just ride around Jakarrta doank, not because they want to work or shopping, hehee. Understandably, tens of years of Jakarta residents ride the quality of transportation parrah really.

Not only Busway, Sutiyoso also proclaimed monorail, which mankrak until now. He has also proposed MRT procurement under central control, but when it counts investment risks have not been entered for investors.

After Sutiyoso, Jakarta just experienced the name of direct elections, in 2007. Foke won, and became Governor for 5 years until 2012. Foke is pure bureaucrats instead excluding the executor, so that the MRT still remain unexecuted. But for the affairs of the park, in the era of Foke many parks are built. Among the very vast forest parks of Panjaringan city, the parks in the East Canal Flood area, and most often we enjoy are the park at Tebet. I know this park was built in the Foke era, because there is a signature Foke there. The park is very spacious, there is a very beautiful teratainya pool, jogging track and garden area with rocks for reflection.

While the era of Jokowi, the most impressive for me is the village program series. It's in Cilincing, Tanah Tinggi, and a few more areas. In Tanah Tinggi instead I went directly and very touched to see the citizens so enthusiastically waiting for his home so. Reportasenya I wrote in Kompasiana. In Jokowi era also service system in kelurahan changed totally. In 2013, we conducted a survey of services in sub-districts in Jakarta, and the average service was very good (air-conditioned waiting rooms, face-to-face services, etc.). One door service also started in Jokowi era. So also with Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) started in Jokowi era.

In the Ahok era, the coolest program I think is the Qlu complaint application. I thought the complaint used Safety Pin. I had time to make the application Safety Pin it, was later changed to Qlue. Only in my opinion, the weakness is the level of citizen participation to use Qlue is still low and the mechanism of follow-up is unclear. So also internet access that has not become public property in the parks. Kan crisp, fit to upload a complaint, er no kagak network, hehee.

Well, so deh I think yak, hopefully good programs forwarded by whoever elected governor ntar. Sometimes roadmap about handling flood, settlement, health, education, public transportation, existing and sophisticated, but its execution is slow. There is a quick execution, but the way is not quite right.

And if there are programs that cause controversy in the community, open donk to public review. Involve the participation of citizens in preparing matters concerning the livelihood of the people. Involve as many experts as possible, and the plan is exposed openly.

Well it's just that. Greetings Kompasiana!

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