Before The Flood Reflections on the Destruction of the World due to Global Warming

Before The Flood Reflections on the Destruction of the World due to Global WarmingBefore The Flood is a movie title produced by National Geographic played by Leonardo Dcaprio. It is a documentary that recounts the journey of an actor and environmental activist who was recently appointed UN Peacekeeping Ambassador. As UN Environment Ambassador and environmental activist, Leo is very enthusiastic about Global Warming issues. In fact, Global Warming itself in the country of origin is considered a hoax issue. Even during the presidential campaign, Trump lit up his disapproval of the issue.

Americans, described as people who have high levels of consumption. Therefore, if global warming is justified then they should reduce their level of consumption. And it provoked a strong reaction from the public so that it was very influential on the votes they gave to the presidential candidate.

Global warming itself for Leo is very threatening human life in the future. If not immediately followed up there will be extreme weather changes. Little by little the weather changes have been felt, like the melting of the polar ice that raises the rise of sea water. The melting of ice at the poles is thought to be caused by the warmer temperatures on earth.

The increase in the temperature of the earth is triggered by many things: air pollution from vehicle fumes, factory smoke, greenhouses, large coal mining, offshore oil drilling, wild forest burning, and others.

Leo's interest in the environment is based on a picture book given by his father when he was a child. In the book there are three panels that describe human life from time to time. The first panel describes the encounters of Adam and Eve, where the world is like a garden of eden. The second panel represents a very greedy human being without regard to the consequences. The last panel describes the world like hell, where humanity is threatened by its life and suffered destruction.

Leo traveled to a country that has a large population and allegedly became one of the triggers of global warming. China is the country he first visited. With a large population, China is one of the countries that dispose of the largest emissions of carbon dioxide. This is triggered by the number of factories in China that have not met the standards. One of them is that the factory-the parbik does not have a filter to dispose of waste. Smoke is allowed to soar, liquid waste is allowed to flow into the river, and it is very threatening human health and marine ecosystems. But recently, the Chinese people are aware of the dangers that will occur so that they start to make solar panels.

The second country visited is India. India has a large population, every day the streets in India are packed with motor vehicles. As a developing country, India is still threatened with poverty. Where many of the inhabitants there have not used electricity for lighting and gas as cooking fuel. For cooking they use biomass system that is by burning cow dung. Though they are employed as coal miners, but they themselves have not access to energy sources.

One environmental activist in India said that, Americans are very strange. They say that many Indians are poor because they have not access to energy sources yet they are asking people to reduce their energy. In conclusion, the rich are the source of global warming.

The third country visited is Indonesia. In recent years, there has been frequent burning of forests in Sumatra, Indonesia. The forests are burned and then converted for massive oil palm planting. The smoke from the wild burning raises health problems for people living in the vicinity. Not only that, the ecosystem in the forest is also very threatened. Just as orangutans, elephants, and tigers are no longer homes. The more depletion of forests in Indonesia, the less absorption of carbon dioxide emissions on earth.

Palm oil production is sold very cheaply and it is very profitable for investors. Most investors are American companies that produce food and often we meet in supermarkets. For that, should reduce the consumption of foods that use oil palm. With the fewer levels of consumption possible these items will be withdrawn from the market.

The issue of Global Warming in America has been silenced for several years. Even many American government officials are bribed by corporate investors. The reason for the company still exist and certainly enrich themselves without seeing the consequences that will happen. Even scientists who believe in global warming are deeply humiliated there.In America alone, 70 percent of agricultural land is used to supply cattle feed. Americans are very fond of eating cow steaks, whereas each cow is fed to produce carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore Americans are urged not to consume beef and divert it to chicken meat.

According to one scientist, the solution of reducing energy consumption is by issuing carbon tax. But the carbon tax itself can run if other taxes are lowered even eliminated.

The end of Leo's journey, marked by his oration at the United Nations building on Global Warming. Leo says that, all of that must start from yourself. Can start with a small thing but if done regularly can give a big impact.

Leo obviously does not want this world to happen as it does in the third panel, where the earth is doomed. There is still time to change the style and lifestyle if we do not want our children and grandchildren later can not enjoy the beauty of this world.

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