Beginning of September, Golkar Party Determine Election Candidates NTT

Beginning of September, Golkar Party Determine Election Candidates NTTKUPANG, – Daily Chairman of DPD Golkar Party of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Mohammad Ansor said the determination of the candidate for governor of NTT from the party bearing the banyan tree will be determined on Monday (4/9/2017) next week.

The Central Executive Board (DPP) of the Golkar Party called Ansor, will hold a meeting of the central election team, by inviting the Regional Executive Board (DPD) I Golkar NTT. The meeting is to determine the candidates for governor and deputy governor of NTT and 10 candidates for bupati and vice regent, who will follow the elections in conjunction in 2018.

"In the election team meeting on Monday (4/9/2017) later, will be presented survey results by LSI Deny JA," said Ansor to, Thursday (31/08/2017) night.

"Furthermore, the DPP will review and determine the pairs of candidates by considering coalition and community support through the survey," continued Ansor who is also a member of the Provincial DPRD NTT.

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Related to the resignation of the Chairman of DPD I Golkar NTT Ibrahim Agustinus Medah, he said, Golkar Party NTT has received the letter of resignation this afternoon.

"On behalf of the Golkar Party, we thank you for the devotion given by Pak Medah so far.Golkar Party certainly appreciate his decision, because as an experienced politician of course he has political calculations related to elections of NTT 2018," he said.

NTT Golkar Party is currently Ansor, in a solid and compact condition, both within the internal board of DPD I and 22 DPD DPD II districts and cities throughout NTT, to the level of sub-district and Village and Village.

About replacement Medah as Chairman of DPD I NTT he said, in accordance with the organizational mechanism, then the authority was at the level of the DPP to determine the executive task.

"We DPD I NTT has submitted a report to the DPP and awaits further direction and guidance from the DPP," he said.

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