Behind his husband 3 years ago, this woman gave birth to a child from her late husband

Behind his husband 3 years ago, this woman gave birth to a child from her late husband

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Having a baby from the wedding would be the dream of each couple who finally officially married. In addition to continue the descent, the presence of the child would make a family feel more complete. Because the child is one form of sustenance, of course its presence can not be predicted. Sometimes just some time after marriage, the prospective baby has been deposited in the womb of his wife. But not a few who wait a few years before to have a child.

Likewise with this woman. Have not had time to have children, he was left dead by her husband. But miraculously, she gave birth almost three years after the death of her husband. How come?

Wenjian Liu Lay, a policeman in New York died at the age of marriage only three months

A New York policeman, Wenjian Liu Lay married her idol girl in September 2014. But nahas, just three months of their marriage, Wenjian leave his wife, Pei Sanny Xia Chen, forever. Wenjian was shot by a criminal while he was on duty in Brooklyn with a co-worker who was also killed. Despite being given help in the hospital, his life was not helped.

When her husband died, she agreed to preserve her husband's sperm

Chen of course never thought this happened. At the age of her new marriage the rest of the corn, Chen had to give up her husband forever. In fact, they have not had time to be blessed with baby. Therefore, the hospital offers whether Chen is willing to preserve the husband's sperm so that later he still has a chance to have the child of his marriage. And of course Chen is willing for that.

3 years ago from the death of her husband, Chen finally able to have children from the results of his new marriage of corn. Maybe if a few years ago, people would accuse her of having sex out of wedlock. However, in these modern times, doing artificial insemination like this is very possible and the cost is more affordable day semkain.

And almost three years after her husband was gone, Chen finally gave birth to a daughter of her new marriage the rest of the corn

Nearly three years of her husband's departure, Chen finally gave birth to a daughter from the results of her marriage with her husband some time ago. The baby girl was named Angelina. His entire family including his colleague Wenjian was touched by the baby's presence. They could finally see the successors of the long-dead policeman. Both Wenjian parents, especially, can not stem their emotion for the birth of their grandson this one. Although the child has passed away, at least Wenjian's parents can still see their grandson as their antidote.

Thanks to the current technological advances, it seems that anything can happen yes. Like the birth of this one baby. Hopefully Angelina grows up to be a proud daughter for her mother and father who has gone huh 🙂

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