Behind the American Sex

Behind the American Sex

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I live in the Packer house or better known as Fulbright house because only five Fulbright awardees are allowed to stay here for the first year. The location of this house is on the side of West Packer Ave street where I can see the street clearly from the window of the second floor room. Almost every night, especially on weekends, there was always a joke of laughter to shout out the joy of men and women passing by on this street. They are average students who use the weekend to celebrate and there is always a party every week here. My desk is right next to the window, so I can clearly hear the voices of female students passing by on the street. Sometimes I take the time to peek through the window, wondering what they're doing, because on some occasions women's voices and men laugh gleefully, whatever they're doing.

One of her friends told me that the nightlife at Lehigh was ranked top among other campuses in America. On the Internet there are websites that rank campus university campus life in America and usually become an attraction for new students. And it's true, almost every week there are parties held in the homes of students and the weekend is the time to forget the study for a moment. Last year I had a chance to invite friends to attend a party of friends from India. At 12 o'clock at night we left and about two o'clock we went home. At the party is not too extreme, there is alcohol and also coca-cola. There are always games and jogging, his name is also a party.

So International students should be able to place themselves and do not be too drifting in an atmosphere that makes you forget yourself. From then on I did not really care about the party that was held at night. I think the men and women who pass by on the street front of this house always go to a party place. Students here can take advantage of his place just to have a party, from birthday parties until the end of the semester. Obviously they were seen having fun. But, I seem to be wrong.

One day ago, a documentary film entitled the Hunting Ground was screened at Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University. The film was made by Kirby Dick who has been nominated for two Oscars. Kirby Dick was invited to the screening in the Theater room. Nothing that interested me came to watch this movie in addition to e-mail from Professor who contains if you want additional value, watch and write a reflection on this documentary. Amidst the many college assignments in this semester, I know for sure a few classmates are coming. With a little lazy, I also step foot into one of the special building shows on this campus. After this movie is played, it's just been over to see something terrible happen among Freshmen students on major American campuses, something that has never crossed my mind before.

This documentary films about cases of rape and sexual violence experienced by female students on campus in America. 16% to 20% of female students are raped on campus. Approximately 88% of the victims did not overlap the case. Students, especially women, who have just entered their first year on campus are targeted for rape and sexual assault. One of the victims told me that he was invited to a party on his first day on campus, because inviting friends and parties were not a strange thing on campus, so he agreed to leave. He did not think that at the party would be an unforgettable moment in his life, a man invites him to talk, drink, then taken to the toilet and forced to meet his lust. Some other victims were pulled on the wall and then raped while standing, some were rotated to several people.

In America, the campus usually has a Greek House called the Fraternities and Sororiities, a Brother and Sister system. Fraternities where male students live and sororirities place female students. Looks like a good system, separating men and women, Unfortunately, most rape and sexual violence actually happen in Fraternities. They like to make a party and at this party usually will be provided many alcoholic beverages. Freshmen students who have just graduated from high school and started their college life are usually easily trapped. Most of the victims of rape and sexual violence that occurred began with the victim drinking and then lost consciousness, the honor was taken.

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