Behind the Beauty of Yogyakarta Batik Motif, Saved Many Meanings That Make You Tute Wow!

Behind the Beauty

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Batik, beautiful patterned cloth that characterizes the cultural richness of the archipelago, especially in the Java region such as Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta batik cloth that is versatile is actually a lot of lho function! Not just for special events such as invitation and nikahan, batik is now also often used as everyday clothes! There are shirts, jackets, skirts!

With a variety of patterns or motifs, do not be surprised if many people who like to collect batik Yogyakarta! But do you know that every style or motif has its own name? Even each type of batik has its own meaning! Want to know what? Immediately wrote a check!

Want to live happily? Try to wear batik motif Ceplok Grompol a geometric omens of hope and happiness

Batik with ceplok motif usually has a geometric and symmetrical shape, like eggs that are diceplok and evenly distributed in all directions. In general, batik motif ceplok has a picture of roses, stars, or small objects that look symmetrical.

You who want to marry a traditional Javanese theme, batik cloth this one really suited for you make the main clothing you know! Grompol itself in the Java language has the meaning of gathering or united. Therefore batik this one is often used at weddings Java event of course in the hope that the marriage can unite the two families in harmony with the gathering of sustenance, happiness, and also luck in life.

Like the slopes of the mountains, batik Lereng motif signifies fertility and prosperity in life!

Batik motif Which slopes anyway? Batik motif Slopes are usually dominated by a straight line side by side. Inside the straight line or diagonal, you can also find other elegant little funny motifs, so this motif resembles a mountain slope decorated by plants and wild animals.

One of the most famous slope motifs is the Lereng Udan Liris motif. Udan Liris in Javanese language means a light rain and it symbolizes fertility and prosperity especially when worn by kings and queens!

Like the nobility of Kraton, wear batik Motif Kawung with motif kolang-kalingnya sign of sanctity and sanctity

Know that the batik motif Kawung is one of the oldest batik designs in Indonesia. Formerly batik this one can only be used by the nobles Kraton, but now everyone can wear it kok! Batik motif of this one is said to be inspired by the fruits of collapsing-shapes that form geometric shapes lead to the four directions of the wind!

So why the four directions of the wind? According to Javanese philosophy, the four directions of the wind have their own meaning. The eastern direction is where the sun of the giver of life, the west is the place of the sunset the sign of luck descending, the north is the direction of the mountain which is the sacred place for the people of Yogya, and the south is the zenith which is the culmination of all things.Well, it turns out the meaning of batik kawung quite deep also yes!

Beauty batik Nitik motif inspired by the Indian culture of Gujarat, not only beautiful but also bring blessings in the wedding!

Batik Nitik motif, as the name implies, accompanied by the design of the dots are beautiful and symmetrical. Unlike other Yogyakarta batik motifs are usually white brown, batik this one is more colorful. Why? Because of this one batik is inspired by a typical Indian batik cloth of Gujarat who came to Java via the north coast. Batik this one full color and really beautiful, because many of which form of dot flower like batik cloth Nitik Truntum creation of Empress Sunan PakuBuwono III.

The philosophical meaning of nitik motive itself is quite deep, because the motive of this one is said to facilitate the bride to earn a living and their marriage will be well guided later. Therefore, this batik is also perfect for you to wear in your nikahan! Or you can wear for invitation really, itung-itung pray for your friend to marry rich with fortune!

Bring prosperity in your life with batik Cement Motif full of beautiful flora and fauna!

Motive cement? No, not the one to get the house up! The cement here comes from the word semi because of this one batik signifies a life that bloomed. Unlike other batik designs, this one motif is synonymous with its non-symmetrical design. Although crowded and irregular, the motive remains beautiful really! Even a lot of meaning too!

Batik motifs Cement usually has a flora and fauna flora design that is common in Java such as fish, snake, and eagle. Especially because the motif of his bird is often associated with the god Vishnu, batik this one is often used in special occasions both by nobles and commoners.

Typical residents palace palace, batik Parang motif can now be used by all circles!

In Javanese, Parang means sword. Perhaps because it is also the motive of this one is often called the kris motif. Previously, batik motifs that one is categorized in batik banangan, aka batik that may only be used by members of the kingdom. Naturally still, because who created their own people in the palace.

Batik motif Parang itself there are various lho! Motif Parang Barong is a batik with a machete or a large sword motif. It symbolizes the great power held by the king that must be used with caution and best possible. There is also a broken parang motif commonly used by a special King for the state event. Motif parang damaged the sign that man must be able to fight bad morals agra not become evil human.

Well, it turns out that batik is a lot of meaning yes! No wonder if batik became the cultural heritage of archipelago that must be preserved. Come on dong young Indonesian children, do not hesitate to wear this cloth of our pride. Not only for the citizens of Yogya alone, batik must be able to be the pride of all young people of Indonesia! Agreed? Agree!Like this article? Let's follow Hipwee on!

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