Beijing’s smoke is getting worse, half the private cars are banned out

Beijing's smoke is getting worse, half the private cars are banned outThe smoke disaster in the capital city of Beijing, China, got worse. Today, Tuesday (8/12), the Chinese government declared the situation entered the emergency phase, residents must wear masks, hundreds of schools temporarily closed. The level of air pollution enters the 'red' phase because it exceeds 300 micrograms per cubic meter, meaning health hazard.

To reduce the smoke disaster, the Beijing government banned private cars plated odd numbers out of the house. That includes half the population of cars across the city with a population of 21.5 million.

In addition to banning private cars out of the house, the Government of the Bamboo Curtain Government at once stopped the operational development projects as well as several factories around the capital. English-speaking Chinese netizens dub this smoke disaster as 'airpocalypse', a parody of the word 'apocalypse' which means the end of the world.

The People's Daily Newspaper, the mouthpiece of the PRC government, supports the policy of banning cars out of the house through editorial pages. "We do not expect this red emergency status to drag on. Hopefully we will be able to resolve this later in the day when the government can keep the air clean for good," the editorial said.

In addition to Beijing, cities in the Northeast China region also experienced severe pollution. The level of pollution is alleged to exceed 976 micrograms per cubic meter of particulate matter in the air. Whereas the safe limit is 75 micrograms.

The Chinese government blames industrial and household coal consumption as the culprit. Coal is widely used in the last two months as winter reaches its peak. The problem is that winds all over China are not blowing much. Smoke gathered in pollution-producing areas.

The current condition of the smoke disaster in China resembles a similar smoke haze three years ago. Thus, Beijing followed in the footsteps of Palangkaraya and Riau, which experienced severe smoke densities from forest fires two months ago. Smog in Indonesia this year is the worst of all time, much worse than 1997. [ard]

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