Being besieged on the Allegations of Holding the PKI Event, YLBHI Feeling So Hoaks Victims

Being besieged on

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JAKARTA, – Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) said that the issue of the institution held a related event of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) is hoaks.

This was conveyed YLBHI through press release received, Monday (18/09/2017) early morning. This release was signed by the Chairman of YLBHI Asfinawati, Director of LBH Jakarta Alghiffari Aqsa, and Chairman of the Advocacy Division of YLBHI Muhamad Isnur.

"Clearly hoaks or false news has been broadcast, propaganda of false accusations has been voiced," YLBHI statement said.

"Instructions to attack LBH are systematic and widespread that this (discussion) of the PKI show, singing the song 'Genjer-genjer' and others, when nothing at all," continued the statement.

YLBHI suspects that certain parties are spreading the hoaks for the benefit of their group.

"We are worried that this will be ridden by those who want chaos and riots," YLBHI said.

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YLBHI states, the chronology of the incident occurred when there was a siege by the unidentified masses on Sunday (17/09/2017) around 21:00 pm until Monday (18/09/2017) morning.

Dozens of people who have participated in the #AsikAsikAksi event inside YLBHI's office, shows featuring art, singing poems and others, are confined and persisted in the LBH-YLBHI building.

They called the action in the framework of concern over the dissolution of a historical seminar which was dissolved by the authorities on Saturday 16 November 2016.

LBH-YLBHI also claimed to have repeatedly explained that there were no events related to the PKI. They stated that they have given explanation to the police officers starting from Kapolsek Menteng, Central Jakarta Police Chief, Police Headquarters Kabaintelkam, also Metro Jaya Police.

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