Benefits of Bride Tears for Health

Benefits of Bride Tears for HealthBelow is a review of info about one of the types of flowers that we have known since a long time, namely the Flower of Bride Tears and its benefits for the health of our bodies. Check out the dish below.

The Bride Tear Flower has a Latin name Antigonon leptopus that spreads plants with pink and white flowers, can thrive in Central America, precisely Mexico.

The leaves of this bridal teardrop flowers in the form of heart, round stems, flowers compound out of the armpits, fruit dried one seed. Also as a liana or creeping plant, this bridal tear flower is often known in other trees. Central if developed also as an ornamental plant at home or in the garden, this flower can be propagated on the fence or other vines. This tear blossom plant has been a favorite plant to be grown on pergola until all the action is also as a shade.

The content in the Bridal Tears Flower
This bridal tear flower that we know only for vines that make so as well as decoration, be it home page, the park and other vines.

Besides having benefits as well as ornamental plants, in one study show that bridal tear flowers are useful for health, one of them also as antidiabetes and antithrombin.

From initial research, some compounds that have been isolated from the roots and rhizomes of Antigonon leptopus are:
Quercetin-3-o – D-glucopyranoside.
Jaya (2010)

Delivering the extract of methanol A. leptopus has no toxin and so has the power as well as hepatoprotective which can make protection of liver damage from CCl4. Step utilization is by extracting the roots and rhizomes of the bride's tears. Beyond that, this bridal flower water plant may have strength at the time show that ethyl acetate extract and methanol extract of Antigonon leptopus are most prominently exhibited in worm paralysis, especially at concentrations higher than 80 mg / ml compared with standard drugs.


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