Benefits of Cow Milk For Children’s Health

Benefits of Cow Milk For Children's HealthBenefits of cow's milk for children is already proven kebenaranya, because by consuming milk at least 2 cups a day will have a positive impact on the health of children.

Cow's milk has an enormous amount of content that can bring positive benefits to humans, especially to children. Drinking 2 cups of cow's milk every day can provide a positive effect for children, including:

As Protein Source

The benefit of cow's milk for the first child's health is as a source of protein. Protein is a source for the development of children, nah protein content that is found in cow's milk. For that give the child cow's milk regularly to grow flower runs in accordance with expectations.

Energy intake

Childhood is a time where children play and learn, as well as various other activities. With such a lot of activities then it takes energy to support these activities, now cow's milk is one of the energy intake for children.

Bone Growth

The benefit of cow's milk for the next child is to keep the growth of tulag child. By consuming cow's milk regularly then the bone growth of the child will run as expected because milk also has a sufficient calcium content. Calcium is what will help bone growth of the baby.


Cow's milk is also beneficial for the growth of teeth. Teeth can grow strongly and well if diasupi by calcium, now there is calcium in cow's milk. By consuming cow's milk, the teeth can grow perfectly.

Brain Growth of ChildrenThe benefit of cow's milk for the last child is for brain growth. In cow's milk there are good fat content for body growth and also brain, so it is suggested and recommended for good child growth period then consume cow's milk.

Do not forget to give 2 cups of milk a day in order to achieve the benefits contained in it. That's some positive benefits of consuming cow's milk for children. Hopefully the short article is useful for you all.

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