Benefits of Stomach Breathing Techniques for Health

Benefits of Stomach Breathing Techniques for HealthAbout 20 years ago, my Atuk who is in my 80s ever taught me basic breathing techniques before teaching Self-Defense of Silat Minang Kabau. It was so memorable that I still remember it clearly to this day. Atuk taught me abdominal breathing techniques, and I only really understood and realized about 10 years later, how important and true that he taught after I studied in the field of Biology and studied the book on Tai Chi.

After I learned more, it turns out that abdominal breathing technique is an ancient technique used and already existed in ancient Chinese (Tai Chi), Indian (Yoga), Japanese (Reiki) and Greek. An appropriate ancient technique even helps biological and medical scientists in studying the respiratory system.

And 10 years later I share this experience for Compassionate Friends ^ _ ^

Oh yes, here I do not mean to tell Tai Chi, Yoga or Reiki loh, because I did not know it ^, ^

I am just trying to convey the biological mechanisms and benefits of basic abdominal breathing techniques for health, techniques that have become my unconscious habit for the last 10 years …


Biologically human being is a living creature aerob, that is, creature that need oxygen for its metabolism system. The process of taking oxygen and disposal of metabolic gas waste in the form of carbon dioxide occurs through the respiratory system (respiration), a system that goes beyond the control of the conscious mind (involunteer).

Although respiratory activity is involunteer, we can control the way air input and output through the conscious muscles of the diaphragm muscles, the sheet-shaped muscle between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity (Fig.), With two techniques of high breathing, chest breathing and stomach breathing (low breathing, abdominal breathing, belly breathing, diaphragmatic breathing).

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Of the two techniques, stomach breathing is biomedically proven more effective than chest breathing. If the reader notices babies and sleeping children, it is clear their stomachs are visibly blossoming showing that their breathing technique is stomach breathing. From here we can know that this technique is a natural technique taught by "nature" since we were born.

Not known with certainty, the cause of changes in breathing techniques that we do after we become adult chest breathing techniques, but there are some scientists who study this and give a hypothesis that based on age, the problems we face, so the emotions, stress and depression, leads us unconsciously to perform chest breathing.Mechanisms and Benefits of Abdominal Respiratory Techniques For Health

When the diaphragm muscles contract to the bottom, the abdominal cavity expands (Fig. This creates a negative pressure in the chest cavity that causes air to be "forced" to enter the maximum amount into the lungs and also causes the venous return optimally toward the heart. So as to cause a beneficial effect for health, namely:

Launching the circulatory system is very important in maintaining the balance of the body's biological system as a whole.
Increased immune system (immune system) as optimal circulation of blood.
Helps prevent infection of the lungs and tissues in other bodies.
Stimulates the release of the hormone endorphins that have a calming effect (relax), so it can help relieve stress, panic or nervous.
Continuous pressure diaphragm muscles with regular frequency toward the lower organs of the chest cavity such as stomach, intestine and liver, provide a "massage" effect is good for these organs.

Technique and Training of Stomach Respiratory

Initially this technique takes time and must do regular exercise so that our body will do it automatically. I myself have been accustomed to perform stomach breathing automatically after training for about two months, on average twice a day, ie morning and night. Alhamdulillah, until now my body has done it automatically.

Easy ^ _ ^

The trick is very easy to accustom our respiratory system to breathing the stomach as the basic breathing of our body, that is by taking a few minutes, 2 times a day (morning-night), to:

Sit or stand up, straighten your back, and slightly lift your chin.
At the beginning of the exercise put your right palm on the chest and the other in the abdomen, pay attention to the palm of the right hand that retreated to the back and left palm forward forward when inhale.
Remove air from the abdominal cavity, by moving the abdomen toward the back (back), exhaling it through the mouth.
Take a deep breath from the nose and point the diaphragm muscle downwards (Figure), after maximum, release it slowly through the mouth.
Done several times.

When we are doing daily activities, or are taking a break for a moment, remind yourself to do stomach breathing.

Indeed for the short term benefits are not so pronounced, but God willing will be beneficial for the long term for our health.

If the reader wants more and wants to get the results faster, please study or learn from people who have mastered breathing techniques to Master Silat, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki and others, and adjust the philosophy that accompanies them with their respective beliefs .Oh yes, to overcome the hiccups (my previous article), breathing technique is done is chest breathing.

Well, Dear Readers …

Hopefully this article useful, and this paper is a form of my small celebration for Compassionate Companions, because today I was birthday ^ _ ^

Warm Regards Compan …


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