Beneran Kamu Feel Faithful Check Your Loyalty Pas View These Images

Beneran Kamu FeelI'm faithful you know! Every corner is there

Are you sure fighter warrior? Sure if you are not tempted by anything else besides him who faithfully nemenin you? Really? Hipwee so curious deh, your level of loyalty is actually where ya. Well, to cure your curiosity as a fighter warrior, hipwee want to ngetest you who admit fighters deh loyalty. All right? May not!

Even if you already have a wife, if he is in front of your house and say, honey, i love you, do not tell anyone if i love you very much.

Do you dare not?

This young fellow who stirred this storm, can make your faith unstable. His stubborn eyes can always make a girl klepek-klepek not karuan. Careers do not ask questions, already dozens of movies dimainin same Vino. Although already have a wife, but just make girls directly scratching their heads. How, can you still refuse?

Herjunot Ali, Young, Ganteng and Mapan. Ready to make you helpless

Not married lho this

If Vino already have a wife, but if Herjunot ali sih not yet. Well, if hipwee wished suddenly wrote Herjunot ali nelponin you and ngajakin you ngedate in his room, you will not refuse? If you accept the invitation it means your loyalty has not been god-level. But baseball anything hell yes, it's not caught also if you do not tell your girlfriend. Yes not?

Make a guy, if you have a wife like Nuri maulida gini, luggage pengen imamin continue ya?

Just a moment, how come the heavenly angels are here?

Who does not want to have a wife like Nuri maulida? Beautiful, clever, sholehah and maternal gini make my life brighter. There is no bored word at home, surely deh congenital want to go home quickly, ngeteh together at dusk, while eating fried banana homemade. Hm, No way you will not refuse if Nuri become your wife ~Dear guys, If you got them both up for grabs, who would you pick?

Mas, bobo yuk, before the bobo I sing first how?

Raisa and Isyana are the 2 talented Indonesian singers. Their work can always make you fall in love, not only the work and their voices are melodious aja hell, but also their beautiful and funny face. Raisa and Isyana this can really make a guy get a sudden epilepsy disease. GRRRRRR!

Yeah, hipwee knows really, you're gonna move heart to them

A girl who likes a boy who is a boyfriend who is her voice?

Dek, can you help cukurin brewok brother not?

Create a girl who likes a guy with a beard, Abimana suitable deh so your life companion, imagine aja if he ngajakin you vacation to Paris and Cordoba, free PP Ticket, paid makanin, residence already settled. Then, will you reject his invitation? Hm, if rejected get ready to be disappointed deh kayaknya.

Wanna laugh every day? I think Dodit mulyanto can make your loyalty fade

Good evening community, although I am a Javanese but I firmly adhere to European culture

Maybe the comics from Blitar Dodit not handsome like Vino or Herjunot but he can make you laugh because the behavior is innocent. Every day there will be a joke that will make you happy. Well, roughly, if he ngajakin dinner in angkringan typical Jogja so, you want not?

Create guys and girls, choose this chicken crispy crust or your boyfriend?Do you want to cook this delicious crispy chicken?

Perhaps your faith is immovable from the above photographs. But, can you avoid the crunchy crispy chicken this delicious. The distinctive aroma and tender flesh. Hm, if you choose to select, you will choose which one? Is it still faithful?

Should you choose, Can Scholarships S1-S3 in New york or survive with your current girlfriend?

Hipwee understand, this choice is very difficult. But you should be able to choose, be loyal to the lover or can be a scholarship abroad? Come on think the best for your life, love or education. If you choose a scholarship, your loyalty is destructive, but if you stick with your current boyfriend, you are really in love. But I think hipwee knows what's on your mind. Yes know the same ya know

No New york today

Well, for you fighter warrior, is it true you are a fighter? Or just want to have love only?

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