Bete See Ads Here How Easy to Block Ads on Android YouTube Apps

Bete See Ads Here How Easy to Block Ads on Android YouTube AppsWe probably already know the conventional way to block ads using the AdAway app and AdBlock Plus does not have any effect for the YouTube app on Android. Until now, if we want to play video without advertising, then there are only two choices.

First, through the YouTube Red paid feature, and the second, using the Xposed module that modifies the YouTube app to not show any ads. However, the problem is that Xposed is not suitable for every device. Some types of devices have locked bootloaders, no TWRP and Xposed Framework available.

Bete View Ads? Here's How to Easily Block Ads on Android YouTube Apps

From the problems already mentioned Jaka, finally came the developer named Arter97. This developer provides a solution, by modifying the YouTube app to not show ads.

This is different from how Xposed works, because he has made the app work in one package. Simply put, you only need root access on your gadget so this way works well. For more details, follow the guidelines below.

1. Find the DPI Type and Processor

Modifications to the YouTube app that we need have differences for each specification of the device. Therefore, we must know the type of DPI and our gadget processor before downloading the application.

Relax, no worries, now we can see the value of DPI gadgets that we have using the application DPI Checker, which can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. Meanwhile, to see the type of processor, we can also use an application called Droid Hardware Info.

2. Download APKs that match Gadget Type

Now we know the value of DPI and the type of processor and now it's time to download the YouTube APK modification below with the type that matches the specifications of gadgets that we have.

ARM64 Devices (Any DPI)
ARM Devices (240 DPI)
ARM Devices (320 DPI)
ARM Devices (480 DPI)
x86 Devices (480 DPI)Note: Other versions of the above apps can be downloaded on the developer's website.

3. Delete Previous YouTube App

Before deleting the previous YouTube app, it would be nice to backup first using the Titanium Backup app. Simply by doing one click of the Backup button, choose the YouTube app. After the backup process is complete, now we can remove the YouTube app as shown in the picture below.

4. Create a "YouTube" Folder in the System Partition

Next, use the favorite file explorer to create a folder that resides in the / system / app directory. From here we can create a new folder named YouTube like in the picture below.

Then after the folder successfully created, press the old folder until pop-up permissions menu appears. Check the Read, Write, and Execute options as shown in the figure, and make sure that the octal value is 0755.

5. Copy the Downloaded APK to New Folder Then Reboot

The final step is to copy the APK file we have got in the second step above into the created YouTube folder. Then the last process is to reboot on the gadget.

Next, please enjoy YouTube videos without ads.

The disadvantage of using this method is that we can not enjoy YouTube app update updates directly through the Google Play Store. But do not worry, because we can still enjoy the latest version of the update through the developer website maker. How to update is very easy, just download the latest version, then replace the previous APK located in the directory / System / app / YouTube with a new APK file.

Well, that's how easy to block ads in the YouTube app. Practical right? Have you tried it yet? If so, please share your experience in the comment field below yes. May be useful!

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