Better to be loved than to love

Better to be loved than to loveIn the dictionary of men there is no term to learn to love. Men are creatures that fall in love, not learn to love. For men, loving means loving, respecting and protecting. Women are consorts. Pride of his pride.

The men, never know how to understand the true feelings of women they know are always doing the best for Women according to their minds. A wise woman is a woman who falls in love with a man who first falls in love with her.

Women should not start first because if it is difficult to reach, women can become so aggressive and make women more and more worthless in the eyes of men. Women should know that women are designed by the creator to be loved and treated like a queen instead of being a chasing man.

Those are the few quotes we often hear. Of course, these wise sentences are created based on the real state of the most happening in the love life between men and women.

It is true, there has been a difference of opinion whether the woman is better loved or loved. Some women say, this is no longer the age of Siti Nurbaya, women are free to express what they want. So women feel comfortable if loving rather than being loved. But are the wisdom sentences above made only based on a figment?

Women, valuable creatures, created neither inferior nor higher than men, but worth it. Women are not destined to give love, love is the main requirement of women. However, women are destined to give respect and understanding to men.

It is no wonder why most women are good at studying, it is part of a woman's ability to understand something, to empathize with others. There is a simple phrase, but contains the truth to be held, if you want to be happy, say little love, understand a lot. The sentence applies to women.

And for men apply, Love a lot, do not try to understand women (because women are difficult to understand).

There are many imperfect things in men that women find hard to accept. But in this case how much love that is the size. Women are only asked for a little understanding and give opportunity, not others.

Therefore, for women who do not understand, then he will always try to change his male character to be better. Unfortunately, this will lead to great disappointment, both for the woman and the man. Because the adam tend to feel good enough that nothing needs to change. This is what we often call the prestige of men.

In many case studies, if a woman is a woman who expects assurance of loyalty, sincerity, sacrifice and responsibility decades later from the life of the Woman. Then most likely only will Women get from a man who loves to love women from now on.Therefore, if you do not want to suffer from prolonged love and regret then take good care of the role of Women. Wait until Women are loved wholeheartedly. And try to understand and appreciate them. Because Women are lovable women, it is more meaningful for Women. And in the eyes of men Women are the gems of his honor because he loves Women.

One of the things coveted Women in a relationship is to get the love that makes Women feel valuable in the eyes of a person. Women certainly need a sense of security, feel desired, and valuable, but in reality none of the romance relationships can run seamlessly. The belief that a spouse will do anything that makes a woman happy-because she loves Women-is not always proven.


Maybe women will believe, better loved, and not love. This belief is caused, many people feel unloved as a child, and parents are considered not to be a good example for his children. Thirst for love is wasted in adulthood, when women believe that being loved will make a woman feel better. As a result, women believe that by being loved Women will have the best feelings about themselves.

"This may be a sign that this person is not self-respecting, he believes that the only way to feel worth is when there is someone who loves and loves him,"

Indeed, everyone wants to feel loved. But when women only demand to be loved, what happens is a one-sided relationship. Couples so feel unappreciated and unloved. "Since both men and women are in the same position to get love, then women may feel they have chosen the wrong partner, and finally end the relationship or try harder to control the love of a female partner,"

As long as we (male and female) do not respect each other and love ourselves first, we will continue to get disappointed because they feel unloved by anyone.


With a sincere intention to love others, we learn to be responsible to love ourselves and others, and be responsible for our feelings. By loving means we learn to devote attention, compassion, and respect for others. The purpose of our relationship is no longer to seek someone who merely gives us everything for us, but also gives us what we have for him. We see relationships as opportunities to grow, play, and share love with others.

When our intentions for a relationship are to love, we do not see relationships as a way to meet our needs, because love does not require rewards from others. True love is giving, loving, understanding, and not asking.

Automatically, when we love and give love to ourselves and others, then we will be loved by many people, not limited to our partner alone.

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