Better Wait 1 Hour instead of 1 Minute late

Better Wait 1 Hour instead of 1 Minute lateMany people have not yet appreciated the time of their lives. And it seems like the principle of Better I Wait 1 Hours instead of a Slow 1 Minute has not become a hold. Respecting time is the hallmark of the person who wants to progress and succeed in reaching all the ideals of his life.

For example, when there is an invitation to the meeting, at 10.00 am, the time already shows at 09.50 WIB, I invite a friend to leave immediately, my friend's reply always said Later, at least his schedule back, later also start at 10.30 pm.

Hearing the answer I think, whether the culture is not timely time has been so entrenched in the community? Or is culture timely not yet something that is considered important in a work culture?

The order of life is always seen from how much a person appreciates time. There are characteristics of people who always appreciate the time, that is, people always use watches. By using a person's watches the tendency to always pay attention to the time in each step and action.

With respect for time then no time is wasted, time will be maximized and productivity will increase, success will be achieved.

Lately it is being discouraged for the unification of time zones across Indonesia. One proof that time has become a calculation in business and national productivity. "Fortunately a lot, can save trillions, saving energy and faster we terkonek with the outside world in doing business," Hatta said in his office, Jalan Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, Monday (03/12/2012), as quoted

So back to laptop, Better Wait 1 Hour than late 1 Minute, another example if we will travel by Air plane, Chekin time is opened 2 Hours before departure and closed 30 Minutes before takeoff, if we are late? What happened? We will be left the plane and the ticket will be forfeited, the loss is not only time but also the material because our ticket money is forfeited because the plane left behind. This means that the delay of 1 Minute will cause losses that are not small.

Let us respect and appreciate the time for a better life.

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