Between Global Warming and Energy

Between Global Warming and EnergyGlobal warming or we call it GW has become a stranger in our ears. Its globalization makes this one issue raised to the scope of the country and even internationally. The issue was for the first time brought to the international scope in 1972 at the UN convention in Stockholm, if we calculate it has been 38 years of this issue raised, but it is still very difficult to coordinate humanity to work together to overcome this problem.
Briefly GW is a global warming that occurs globally around the world. Then what to do with energy? We all know that since time immemorial we will never be able to live without energy, that energy can come from the sun, food, wind, water, geothermal, fossil fuels, and that has changed into other forms. I myself need electrical energy to type this article on the computer, need to eat to think and move hands to type a simple article. Since elementary school I have known that energy can not be created and can not be destroyed, it can only change to other forms, as in the Law of Conservation of Energy. So we actually never run out of energy just change its shape.
Back to GW, one of the causes of GW is the greenhouse effect (ERK). ERK initially is something natural, even very supportive life on earth, because it can warm the earth. Simply imagine the greenhouse effect is like a car parked in the sun and all the windows closed, so after we get in the car we will feel that the heat in the car can be hotter than outside the car. Glass of the car is likened to greenhouse gases while the inside of the car is the earth. Greenhouse gases (GHGs), among others, consist of carbon dioxide, methane, nitric oxide, and clorofluorocarbon (CFC). Humans have made the GHG accumulate in the atmosphere and cause the heat can not get out of the earth.
The invention of the steam engine has caused acceleration of GHG accumulation processes in the atmosphere. Mankind gained enlightenment after the invention of this machine, because before they only use the energy of the sun that is converted into food in the process of photosynthesis, then eaten by humans or animals, animals are also eaten by humans, and humans get the energy to do its activities, as well as animals that are used for ease human work. In addition, solar energy is also converted into wind energy (due to pressure differences) and used by humans to blow the sailboat. Fossil fuel-driven steam engines (the remains of living things in the past) proved to be of great convenience to humans. After the Industrial Revolution in 1760, the use of fossil fuels increased considerably more rapidly, the use of human labor could be reduced, and employment became more efficient. It was unnoticeable that human beings had done the buildup of GHGs in the atmosphere that had the potential, even actually happened, causing what we call GB in the present.
The massive exploitation of BBF has a devastating impact on the environment and people. We can see for ourselves in this country how coal mining has displaced the forests, and then after the coal has run out, there is no concerted effort to reclaim the land. The waste generated in BBF exploitation also causes a whole range of new problems. Poor health of miners. Tons of CO2 are released from the flammable natural gas, as I have seen in Bontang, East Kalimantan. Leaks of tank vessels that have been frequent have damaged many aquatic ecosystems, although the company has made a material loss to the fishermen, and then the question arises, whether it can be with such a state of water, fish and other living things that can be destroyed back again as before? The exploitation that is not done alone but by foreign companies, has resulted in huge economic losses, this problem has been happening in Indonesia and some other developing countries.
Human dependence on fossil fuels (BBF) is so severe,
The global climate changes have forced humans to adapt to these circumstances, using the various technologies it has
whether for industry, transportation, trade, electricity, and other sectors, will cause two problems at once. Firstly, as we discussed earlier about GB, the residual fossil fuel combustion (CO2 and CO) combustion gases are contributors to the buildup of greenhouse gases, plus their use that already covers all life lines. Second, BBF is a non-renewable energy, because its formation takes time

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