Beware, Men Who Become Single Sons Tend To Be Cheats!

Beware, Men Who Become Single Sons Tend To Be Cheats! – Being born with many siblings or not, it can affect how a person's character will be formed. And if you want to avoid a potentially cheating man, maybe you need to know if he has a brother or an only child.

Because it turns out, online analysis data from Illicit Encounters revealed that people born as single children will be more likely to cheat from their partners. A total of 34% of the surveys showed that only single children were more likely to have an affair than the first child who was only 28%, and the last child was 23%.

This is closely related to his character which is always a priority. You certainly can not eliminate the impression of 'golden boy' in a person who was born into an only child. After all, an only child always gets more attention than a child with a brother.

Scientific research reveals that selfishness, self-centeredness and attitudes are always attached to an only child.

That's why, as adults, this character becomes a kind of boomerang that is not so profitable when a love relationship. When an only child does not get what he expects from a partner, he will quickly switch to find someone else who can meet his ego.

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Research spokesman Christian Grant said: "It is common that an only child is more likely to feel lonely in his childhood, and it is this feeling that haunts him as an adult and in a relationship.When he is exposed to a long distance relationship or if he does not get the attention he expects, he will think to seek the attention of others. "

If you want to secure a love relationship, then the person who became middle child could be an option, because the middle child has only a potential affair of 15% only.

But of course, it can not judge all single children as cheating or cheating, because each child is raised in a different way from his or her parents, and of course the environmental influences also have a big effect on the ladies.

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