Beware of 5 Respiratory Diseases! If Lazy To Use Mask While Exposed to Pollution

Beware of 5

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More here the number of motor vehicles increasingly not counting the number in Indonesia, especially in big cities. With the increase of motor vehicles, it also means the increase of air pollution. Not air pollution from the dust of material development, dust mining results, industrial smoke, to smoke smoke.

When the city's green spaces are getting harder to find, then the thing we can do to protect ourselves from air pollution is to use a live cover mask, let alone for you who must face free air every day. However, some of us are still reluctant and often ignore the trivial but important things.

Well you can not ignore that trivial thing, quoted from various sources, Hipwee will tell you the dangers that can attack you if the dirty air inhaled by your respiratory system. Cekidot!

You are often naked nose will be more easily attacked by asthma. Hiii

Here listen, guys, although asthma is not directly caused by air pollution, but asthma attacks can be triggered by high levels of air pollution. A pollutant such as sulfur dioxide causes narrowing of the small airways in the lungs and makes your breathing even more difficult, even for a healthy person.

For you who suffer from asthma, yes, much less. Naked naked in the open nature of the law is mandatory. With a person susceptible to asthma attacks, this narrowing can trigger serious and life-threatening attacks. Not a lie, in North America and Europe, asthma attacks triggered by air pollutants become one of the biggest causes of death.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) disease will haunt you at any time. Foreigner's name?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a disease that can spread rapidly due to increased levels of air pollution.

This disease is closely related to cigarette smoke is inhaled as both active smokers and passive smokers. However, when smoking is considered a major factor in this lung disease, a recent study conducted by the Great Smog of 1952 found that air pollution can cause a significant decrease in breathing capacity. More than 100,000 people in the United States died of the disease.

Or a disease called cystic fibrosis? For you who suffer from this disease, air pollution can make your disease worse.

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that causes the mucus in the body to become thick and sticky, thereby blocking the channels in the body. The blockage can disrupt and even damage your lungs and digestive system.With the high air pollution you breathe, it increases the risk of lung infections and respiratory problems. Now to reduce the potential for your cystic fibrosis disease, love your lungs. Reduce the risk of worsening the disease by wearing a mask cover the nose in the open space.

Dust-dust that is scattered in free air type many. Including malignant dust that can make heart failure!

When your nostrils are not protected by masks, the possibility of dust and various pollutants can very easily get into your breathing organs. One of the most dangerous dusts is the free silica dust of SiO2.

This free silica dust is mostly found around iron or steel mills, ceramics, concrete casting and workshops that work on iron. In addition, silica dust juka mostly found in the sections of iron ore, white tin and coal mines.

Silicosis is usually characterized by shortness of breath accompanied by coughing. But if this, cough not sputter. If the silicosis disease has entered a more severe stage, shortness of breath will be more severe as well. Right-sided hypertrophy also haunts the ultimate cause of heart failure.

Get ready to attack Bisinosis aja kalo often breathe dirty air. Just take good care of it ?!

In addition to silica dust, cotton fiber dust can harm your health. One of them is bisinosis. So it's really important for you not to let your nose naked without a protector.

Disease bisinosis is a disease of pneumoconiosis caused by pollution of cotton fiber dust circulating in air. Dust like this is usually easy to find around cotton or textile spinning mills.

The incubation time of bisinosis is fairly long, about 5 years. Usually, the initial sign of the illness is shortness of breath, the chest feels heavy. And in the course of bisinosis entering a severe phase, the disease is generally followed by chronic bronchitis and may also be accompanied by emphysema.

In addition to the diseases discussed above, air pollution also contributes to other diseases. People suffering from conditions of heart disease and chronic diabetes, for example. They have a higher risk of complications and death when living in areas filled with dirty air.

Well wiser again make treat your respiratory system! Use your mask, guys. After all in the end it's all for the benefit of your body as well right.

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