Beware With Blue Whale Challenge!

Beware With Blue Whale Challenge!

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At the beginning of last May there was a news that shocked the cyberspace world, namely the issue of blue whale challenge or blue whale challenge is suspected as the cause of the death of dozens of teenagers in the world. Blue Whale Challenge can be said as a deadly game. As the name implies Blue Whale Challenge is a game that challenges its players for 50 days, and they are told to conquer the challenges given to them.

But the challenge given to his players every day is not a playful challenge, ranging from the challenges of telling players to scrap a knife into the player's own hands! Then there are also challenges to hurt yourself in a few hours, then told to listen to horror songs alone in the middle of the night, and other very strange challenges.

In the end all the players who are members of the Blue Whale Challenge will be asked to perform the last challenge on the 50th day that is jumping away from the five-story building which means it is a challenge to commit suicide. Very horrible is not it? Blue Whale Challenge is different from other challenges, such as Skip Challenge which is very dangerous but not to tell the players to commit suicide.

Blue Whale Challenge Symbols that allegedly kill hundreds of teenagers worldwide doc by: Then there are other interesting facts about who gave this challenge and how they interacted with the Blue Whale Challenge players who allegedly came from different countries. First, Blue Challenge Games are people who challenge and people who will challenge are connected online, meaning they interact using other social media.

Likewise with the challenge instructions provided through online chat. Then if the player has finished a challenge then he will tell the challenger with online chat. It is this that makes parents anxious, given the advancement of technology and communication that can make a child connected to the whole world, very vulnerable also to join this challenge.

Here is the Challenge List that must be passed by the participants, the challenge is very tortured inner and physical, to the end of it enjuk nukuk kill themselves doc by Twitter National Suicide Prevention. Secondly, there is also a surprising fact that the culprits who created the Blue Whale Challenge and challenged the players have been detained by the authorities in Russia as quoted by (3/5).

The perpetrator known as Flipp Budeykin, he allegedly created the deadly game, and it turns out he was also treated at St.Petersbug's pocket because he suffered from Bipolar Disorder. Flipp Budeikin allegedly responsible for hundreds of Blue Whale Challenge Victims, Doc: Getting a report from Bloomberg turned out to be Flipp suffering from the disease when he was a kid. He is also unhappy and his life is filled with failure and violence.

Therefore Flipp makes this game to satisfy his desire by giving a sense of pain and torment to the unstable teenager. The target players in this game are unstable teenagers, lost spirits, broken home teenagers and teenagers who are desperate, so Flipp easily instigates and influences the teenagers, and the teenagers are obedient and do what the challenge dictates the. It is estimated that this game is the cause of death of hundreds of teenagers in Russia and in several other countries.

The origin of naming the Blue Whale Challenge because it is considered the same as the behavior of blue whales who often slap themselves on the beach to commit suicide. Of course we wonder why teenagers are willing to follow that lethal challenge, whereas anyone knows, that in the 50 challenges that exist, they are all challenges that torture themselves and scare yourself. This is very contrary to the human conscience who really does not want to be tortured and in fear.

I personally judge that teenagers who follow these challenges are teenagers who are already stressed with the circumstances of life, meaning those who have not enjoyed life, say that life is useless, and assumes that if they follow this challenge they can find an escape from the turmoil that has been severe who descend themselves. The cause of teenage stress is very much, ranging from the absence of faith in the heart, then continued with a messy family, parents who quarrel every day, economic difficulties, breakup, often bullied by friends, drugs, marijuana, liquor, free sex and a 'shambles' environment.

This is compounded by noNaturally when we look at various acts of terrorism that does little involving teenagers and youngsters are stressed and then recruited by those who want to use them. So is the Blue Whale Challenge players who are targeting players who are stressed so easily instigated to perform various challenges. This is what makes parents worried about the pskological conditions of their children who will be very vulnerable problem if it has entered adolescence. So the emptiness of the soul of the teen is what makes them do things beyond human reason, such as torturing himself even to kill himself.

Actually there is a major solution in reducing and preventing the emptiness of the teenage psyche that ultimately stresses them, besides being the correct parental care, then with a good environment and avoiding drugs and drugs, there is one major way that will protect teenagers from the vacuum of the soul they are, with religious education and the cultivation of moral values ??that have been done since childhood to the children, and strengthened by the belief of Allah SWT will strengthen the souls of the teenagers, so this faith will help strengthen the teenagers if the problems and pressures in his life.

It could be that the Blue Whale Challenge happens a lot in Russia due to the absence of religious education that most of them do not believe in God and this is coupled with the lack of proper moral cultivation, broken relationships and family, that's what makes many teenagers torture themselves.

So in conclusion, religion and faith have a very important role in protecting teenagers from their mental vacuum, and from the stress that often comes to them. If they hold fast to faith and obedience to God, God willing they will be protected from this suicide, and will also protect them from stress if they get pressure and problems in their life. Greetings from the dusty country, Cairo, Egypt Tareq Albana

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