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Beyond The – Batik used to be known as the equivalent of kebaya, but now also influential in the world ready-to-wear homeland. Name Edward Hutabarat, a man who is familiarly called Edo, often linked as a fashion designer who brings the spirit of batik so daily wear through fashion label ready for life, Part One. Batik trends were rife, ranging from classic style to Harajuku style style like designer Eddy Betty for Edbe. Therefore, when the invitation to Solo stopped by the Cosmo editorial desk from Attack Batik Cleaner who collaborated with Edward Hutabarat, Cosmo was so enthusiastic. This invitation aims to explore Solo batik known as sogan monochromatic impression, which is blend of dark shades and dark brown. Color contrast is obtained through natural colors like maroon, green soldier, and yellow turmeric. What else? Well, just read on, ladies. It was indeed a fabulous trip!

The Big Three

Attack invites Cosmo to visit three batik maestro from Solo who collaborated with Edo. The city of Solo is known as two kampung batik, Lawean and Kauman, both of which have different characters. Lawean Village, represented by Saud Effendi, made batik with traditional grip Solo, batik cap with color modification and wrinkle technique for fresh contemporary impression. Background of the art of Yogya STISI graduates who had been a man of Indonesian film in the 80s, feels through the creation of contemporary batik painting. Why is it called contemporary? Because apart from the standard criteria batik, which is a combination of the dots to form a motive. And this is my artistic distribution, Saud said.

While Kauman Village is so close to Keraton Solo. The craftsmen make batik specifically for the needs of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta. Jarik or cloth used by kings and the royal palace is their image. Therefore, the manufacture is only entrusted to the chosen people, who at that time settled in this Kauman, clearly Gunawan Setiawan, one of the famous craftsmen in Kauman. Although the character of Kauman batik looks so classic, Gunawan dare to modify the motive to be more innovative. Here, he displays Batik Sekar Jagad with chiffon material 5 meters long 1.5 meters wide, with a very complicated process to take one year. Night wax material used for the chiffon he distinguished for the mori cloth. The quality of the night is very decisive beauty of the end result of batik, until each creator has a special herb.

Outside the area earlier, there is one more different batik craftsmen specialization, namely Siti Sundari. There are different from the two maestros: Sundari gives a flirty touch with bright colors like purple, pink, orange, lime green over sogan solid color, to fill the motifs such as flowers, butterflies, or foliage. Sundari showcased a brightly colored floral printed batik. Unlike ordinary Solo batik with the basic color of beige, this time the base color is precisely white, until the colors appear contrast. This white color is actually batik unfinished through the night process that should meet the basic, but this is what makes Edo impressed. This batik for the collection of Part One in the summer of last year, said Edo.

The Vision of Love

As a senior fashion designer homeland, Edo felt responsible to educate the batik crafters. For example, the application of tumpal motif on batik in the middle of the roar of the rampant ready-to-wear and dynamic fashion trends. Later will be discarded as well. Honey, right? Not all batik cloth should have a tumpal. Things like this should be conveyed to the crafters, he explained. Treatment is certainly not separated in maintaining the beauty of batik value. Therefore, Attack who has the same vision and mission with Edo, launching cleaner Attack Batik Cleaner from natural materials. Not only avoid the faded color, but also maintain the value of batik beauty, said Diana L. Laksmono from Kao. Washing batik so much more fun and modern, of course more fragrant and fresh. Before Solo, they have visited the area of ??Pekalongan and Madura in the mission of preservation of batik Cintaku In Batik Never Fade. Lucky Cosmo can follow the Solo batik beautiful and elegant.

Gotta Know!

By taking care of batik, you are also contributing to preserve the work of the nation. Here's a tip from Edo to keep your batik durable, beautiful and fresh-scented.
The night comes from animal fats, bee hives, and herbal mixes. No wonder batik so coveted moth. Overcome with white pepper grains. Destroy and put in a bag of tulle. The hot white pepper will certainly shun the moth.

Do not keep batik by folding. Just hang with a hanger plus clamps previously coated with foam so as not to leave a mark.
When washing, soak batik with Batik Cleaner Attack and warm water for 30 minutes. Prepare three buckets of cold water to rinse, each of them six times the lift. Avoid juice.

Before handing batik to taSource: Cosmopolitan Edition August 2011, Page 98

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