Bimtek Socialization of South Sulawesi Satker Filing System Guidance Manual LHK

Bimtek Socialization ofBimtek Socialization of South Sulawesi Satker Filing Manual Scope LHK Scope (document P3E Suma)

P3E Suma, Makassar-Technical Guidance for Socialization of PermenLHK no. 44 / Menlhk / Setjen / KUM.1 / 5/2016 About the Guidelines of Archival Archive KLHK in P3E Suma (12/09/2017). Acting as a presenter of the material M. Hindra Taruna (Arsiparis Madya) and Eko Rusmawanto (Archival Manager) from KLHK. Present emissaries from various UPT Satker Scope LHK South Sulawesi who dabout handle filing administration.

The event was opened Ir. Andi Asnidar Adnan (Head of Planning for Natural Resources Management), "Today we look at the provisions that are the main tasks and functions Socialization of Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. 44 / Menkhk / Setjen / KUM.1 / 5/2016 , About the Archive Guidelines of Scope of KLHK This Ministerial Regulation is a provision of the rules of Archival. " Reveal Asnidar who is also former Head of Administration.

"Indeed, this archive is one of the important guidelines for us to follow together as a corridor in carrying out the functions of the organization.Parment Filing is called a simple activity easy, easy to be underestimated, but has a very meaningful implication with the law.Why one the order of the archive becomes the reference of an organization, one of which is the Bureaucracy Reform which has been tightened, controlled and supervised by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and in 2017 KLHK will be the second winner of governance kearsiapan, a very proud achievement. Pungkas Asnidar.

Interview with M. Hindra Taruna explains, "Bimtek This socialization aims at uniformity among the UPT in the region in managing the archive, whether it is an active archive or a dynamic archive." In the archive there is a filing system for the moment is still the center of the center until the third echelon , in each blood there will be a kerasipan information system.In P3E Suma has been implemented over the media to quickly be found, but the physical archive is still stored as proof "Clearly.

"The archives are not just for the archives, the people within the UPT should understand the archives, so if the archive or the archive management is not in place, can find the file, with which the borrowing must be recorded, for example borrowed, in the note means borrowed, so if others need to be able to see the list of borrowers, who will be borrowed, what date is returned, because UPT archives are used for everyone instead of individuals. " Firmly Indra.

Hindra said, "Related KLHK won second place in archival governance at National level National Archives assessed at agency level, assessed as active archive and its inactive archive, its active archive in work unit, and its inactive archive in the Archives Unit of Ministry of Environment and Forestry After the assessment, the KLHK has passed the number two at the national level, the criteria of rapid discovery (searching, there are managers who handle it) archives must have archives, there are functional officials If there is no official there should be pengatausahanya, standby in the field of archives. "He said.

"Well, if in the region is a bit difficult, there is no functional personnel, another obstacle again there is a moratorium of employees In the area that faced the work was duplicate, not only handle the archives, but handle other, such as BMN and others. front focus in one job only, the archive is focused on the archive so if it is needed he does not go anywhere, so it's easy to find. "Hindra's cock.

"To be proposed for the formation of archivists, at least one UPT there is one functional arsiparist personnel who is really functional to handle archivists."

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