Bingung Mau Vacation Where To Visit Just 9 Most Beautiful Gardens in Indonesia This!

Bingung Mau VacationTraveling is necessary and important for one's psychological health. Especially for you who every day faced with the problems of life that is not easily solved. As long as the weekend, refresh your mind and mind with the velvet. If you do not have much time, you can loh play to the parks so cute. Yes, at least your mind will be refreshed with the park's beauty and ambience.

Moreover, right now in Indonesia, beautiful parks already mushroomed. Well, this time Hipwee Travel will review some of the beautiful cute city parks in Indonesia. What does it look like? Come on, see!

Unique Landmark of Batu City Park. The only city park in Indonesia has a Bianglala and a cute lantern.

Still somewhat fresh, Batu City Park located in the center of Batu City is a new landmark for the local community. Unmitigated, this square has undergone a refurbishment of more than 4 years, and this is the result. A city park that is very attractive and comfortable for all who visit it. This city park has some funny lanterns that add to your beautiful night in Batu Town, Malang. Also, this park is the only park in Indonesia that has a lullaby! Fun not? No need to mole, together with your halal lover in the bianglala much more romantic!

Taman Bungkul, Surabaya which has been recognized world. Stop by here, you will not believe that this is in Indonesia!

Arek Suroboyo should be proud of ya with a park built on Jalan Raya Darmo this. You see, this park ever won the title as The 2013 Asian Townscape Sector Award from the UN! Bujug! A variety of facilities are available in this park, let alone there is free wi-fi! The cleanliness of the park is also no need you doubt. So do not be surprised if many people who play into this park, there are even a picnic!

Want to take pictures in beautiful and beautiful flowers Bougenville? Come to Bougenvil Hill Park in Singkawang!

This park is worth your visit when crossing the city of Singkawang. Because this is where you can enjoy the beautiful flowers of Bougenville with a variety of colorful. Especially in this park there is a homogeneous forest area filled with gaharu trees. Cool really play in this park. Yes, at least let your lungs breathe fresh air, yes!

Want to the flower garden? Come to the east of Manado City in June-July. Flower City Tomohon always holds flower festival every year.

Located approximately 22 km from Manado, Flower City Tomohon has a park that showcases a variety of charming flowers. Every year, in June-July, you will be treated to the biggest flower festival in the city. Curious, right?

Not just beaches and natural beauty, Garden City Pecangakan Bali also has a view that is not less beautiful loh. The Mahabharata Statue stands firmly in a fountain.The park is located on Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Jembrana, Bali has a fountain that surrounds the statue of Dewa Ruci loh. In addition to the statue of the Bima incarnation, there are also figures of wayang figures in the Mahabarata story, such as Drupadi, Krishna, Sengkuni, Arjuna, and many more. Interestingly, this park is in the office area. So, for you who tired of work, can stop by here momentarily. Lumayanlah for a break, the air is also quite cool kok with shady trees.

Once satisfied playing water on the coast of Lombok, reflect yourself in Giri Town Park Win only. Who knows this is where your soul mate is. : p

Just like Bali, Lombok is also not just a beach that can be pitted. Lombok also has a fun city park to release the weary fatigue. In Giri City Win Park, you can enjoy the beautiful city of West Lombok solemnly. Because in this park, you will be treated to a colorful monument that can calm the heart. The park is located in Gerung District also has many public facilities, such as volleyball court, basketball, culinary hunting places, fountains, and so forth. Yes, I just met a match again in the park. : p

No need to go all the way to Myanmar just make a look at the Shwedagon Pagoda. To Lumbini Natural Park aja is enough.

Want to see Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar? Do not bother making visas to get there, Gaes! You can enjoy as much as the Shwedagon Pagoda in Indonesia! Precisely in the Village Tongkoh, Karo, North Sumatra. More precisely, a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Eits, although a replica, this building became the largest and grandest pagoda in Indonesia loh! Moreover, the park around this pagoda area. Beuh! Beautiful is not playing!

For you who want to jog, as well as historical tours can also loh. Juanda Forest Park Bandung this could be your choice!

Beautifully spelled out, yes. Pretty cool, yes. Said tired, yes. Forest Park Ir. Juanda located on Jalan Dago Atas provides a complete package for the local community or for you who just drop by travel. In addition to jogging, this park can also make history tour loh. There are Dutch and Japanese caves. The park is filled with over 2,500 different flora and fauna, such as squirrels, weasels, and a variety of free-living birds.

Before departing from Bandung, sempatkanlah berselfie beautiful in this Begonia Flower Garden. Do not be damaged, plis!

Still in Bandung, stop by the Begonia Flower Garden. Located in the highlands of Lembang, this park showcased various types of beautiful flowers-really! Balinea flower that comes from the Island of Gods become one of the appeal of people who are lovers of flora or just pengin photos for posted to social media. Plis, this time do not be damaged, yes!

Yes, that is the most beautiful and beautiful city park in Indonesia. Which do you think is the most okay? Uh, what in your city is a more beautiful and cool garden? Write in comment field yes.

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