Biography of Nurhayati Subakat; The Owner of Halal Cosmetics Brands Favorite The Today’s Girls

Biography of NurhayatiThere is a story full of inspiration, how Nurhayati Subakat can build Wardah products so known as one of the best-selling cosmetics. Nurhayati Subakat, he was born in Padang Panjang City, West Sumatera on 27 July 1950. He was the second of eight children.

He began his career as Managing Director of Business and Financial Consultants (Assegaf & Partners Ltd, 1998-2004) and Associate Winarto Soemarto & Associates (1993-1998) and hosted and directed "Perspektif Perempuan" in one of the Television Republic of Indonesia (TVRI) . Currently Dr. Nurhayati Ali Assegaf was noted as Vice Chairman of DPP Democrat Party, Chairman of Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP), and became member of House of Representatives Commission 1 of Democratic Party Faction.

Nurhayati Subakat figure is one of the many successful women entrepreneurs Indonesia. He is the founder and owner of the famous cosmetic brand Wardah Cosmetics. Currently Nuhayati Subakat is CEO of PT Paragon Technology and Innovation, a company that manages Wardah cosmetics brands, Make Over, and Princess hair care and IX.

In Padang Panjang, he attended Diniyyah Puteri Pondok Pesantren until he moved to Padang and continued his education in Padang City. Since childhood, Nurhayati Subakat has a smart brain, proven this Minangkabau girl successfully received at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in the department of pharmacy. On the campus, he met the man who is now her husband, Sabakat Hadi.

After finishing college on time, he then returned to his hometown of West Sumatra and worked at a hospital in Padang City as a pharmacist. After a long period of work at the hospital, Nurhayati Subakti then moved to Jakarta and worked in a renowned cosmetic company as a quality control staff.

Falling Awake in Trying

Although the home industry, his business is growing rapidly thanks to the foresight to see market opportunities. Corporate finance then continues to increase. He even founded PT Pusaka Tradisi Ibu in managing his sampo business. As the saying goes 'The higher the tree then the winds that hit'. The trials came several years later. Five years after his business flourished, his factory burned.

The incident made the fate of shampoo business owned by Nurhayati Subakti in the nadir. The factory burned and the debts in the bank that have not paid off made him want to close his business and not to mention he has an employee to pay his salary, but this is where the turning point of Nurhayati Subakat. He refused to surrender with his condition. He tried to start from scratch again. The business capital he earns from his husband's savings, the funds are then used to pay the salaries of his employees and try to build the factory again.

Start Your Own Pioneering Enterprises

His career in the company then climbed, but Nurhayati Subakat then opted out of the company and chose to pioneer his own business. Armed with experience while working at the cosmetics company, he then tried to make a product shampoo branded Puteri.

Business shampoo product he runs in his own home with the help of one employee, his own assistant. Nurhayati Subakti then introduced its products in salons located in Jakarta area. Slowly but surely, the product then began to be accepted in the community.Launching Wardah Brand Products

The new factory finally stood up and operated again. In addition he then tried to make a new innovation by targeting Muslim consumers who eventually launched a product that became known as Wardah in 1995 and also began to enter the cosmetology market. Wardah cosmetic products aimed at the Muslim women who want to look elegant without the need to worry about halal product, because wardah products put forward the principle of halal, safe, and have excellent quality.

Wardah Cosmetics made by Nurhayati Subakat are quickly accepted by the people, especially the muslimah. Proven in 1999 to 2003, Wardah cosmetics product sales jumped dramatically. Quickly, Wardah managed to become one of the cosmetic products Muslim muslimah choice of Indonesia.

Good market and promotion strategy, along with strong management make Wardah Nurhayati Subakat product quickly master the national cosmetics market. Distribution of its products is not only national, but also through foreign markets such as Malaysia, where Wardah products sell well in the country. In 2011, PT Pusaka Tradisi Ibu owned by Nurhayati Subakat later changed its name to PT Paragon Technology and Innovation which houses hundreds of cosmetic items with very high business growth.

Nurhayati Subakat hard work is not in vain, now he has thousands of employees and dozens of branches spread across Indonesia. Its products are now expanding covering skin care as well as makeup supplies. He has even been selected as one of the best CEOs (Chief Executive Officer) in Indonesia.

Organizational experience

Deputy Chairman of DPP Democratic Party
Deputy Secretary General of DPP Democratic Party
Head of Department of Foreign Affairs of Democratic Party DPP
Manager of Public Relations and Chairman of Women Empowerment, SBY-JK National Campaign Team
Founder and Director of the Indonesian Institute of Women's Education
Member of the supervisory board of IKA-STIA
Head of the Office of Health and Social Welfare, Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI)
Vice Chairman, Senate KRA XXXVI, National Resilience Institute (LEMHANAS)
Chairman of Foreign Relations, Alumni Corps of the Islamic Students Association (KAHMI)
Chairman and National Representative, Jakarta International Volunteer Program Association
Chairman of Mass Media Relations, International Council for Muslim Women Scholars
Chairman and National Representative, Global People's Assembly, New York, United States
Chairman of the National Institute "The Global Youth Service Day, Washington DC, United States
Director of Public Relations, Meguro International Friendship Association, Tokyo, Japan
Chairman of International Relations, International Women's Union, Tokyo, Japan
Researcher at University Research for graduate education, University of Indonesia
Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Women's Empowerment of Civil Society (LP3M)
Philanthropy Forum Advisor
Founder and Chairman Nurhayati Ali Assegaf Center for Democracy
National Representative of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and President of the Jakarta International Association for Volunteer Effort (JIAVE)

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