Bishnoi, the Environment Squad that does not shrink from Animal Husbandry

Bishnoi, the EnvironmentBishnoi is famous as "the first environmental lover in India" is a Hindu sect found in Thar Desert, Rahajasthan, and northern India. The name Bishnoi (bish means twenty, noi means nine) has teachings derived from the 29 principles advocated by their prophet, Guru Jhambheshwar.

Of the 29 principles taught, ten are related to personal hygiene and maintain good basic health, seven of them about healthy social behavior, and five principles about worshiping God. In Bishnoi's teachings, adherents are directed to love all forms of living beings and love them.

Animals such as goats and sheep are kept somewhere to avoid them being attacked by wild animals. Adherents are also encouraged to see firewood that will be used so that no small insects. Wearing colored clothing is also prohibited when the dyestuff is obtained from cutting a large number of plants.

Unique Love

The Bishnoi have a love for animals and plants with no boundaries. Animals are treated as their own children. Antelopes are the most respected because they are believed to be the reincarnation of their ancestors.

As proof of their love, the Bishnoi are reluctant to feed the young antelope with their own milk. A Bishnoi woman for example, does not care about having to share the asi that will be enjoyed with her child in an interview with Mail Online.

"These antelope babies are just like my own children, I give them milk and food and make sure they are given the right care like all my family members," Mangi Devi Bishnoi said, as quoted by Unbelievablefacts, Friday (10/02/2017).

For the Bishnoi people, there is no difference between humans and animals. These people evoke a sense of unity among all the diversity because they live and grow with animals.

"I grew up with this little deer, they are like my brothers, it is our responsibility to keep and help them grow.We play with them and communicate with them," said Roshini Bishnoi, a student in one of the villages.

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