Biwa, Rare Fruits from Simalem

Biwa, Rare Fruits from SimalemDo you know the fruits of biwa? Perhaps not many people are familiar when asked the fruit biwa, unlike apples, grapes, kiwi and other imported fruit. You will very rarely find this fruit in a famous fruit store though. Do not be surprised, the fruit biwa is one rare fruit that is not much cultivated in Indonesia. The fruits of biwa (loquat) or the Latin name Eriobotrya Japonica is a fruit plant of the Rosaceae family, originating from the highlands of China. Historically, this plant has been introduced to Japan more than 1000 years ago. Biwa plant is very suitable to grow in the highlands one of them in Tanah Karo. Until now Japan is the largest producer of this biwa fruit

Fruit Biwa is still young

At present North Sumatra has the largest plant Biwa (Loquat) plantation in Indonesia even in Southeast Asia, all of which are located at Taman Simalem Resort, Tanah Karo. At the time of following the Agrowisata to the Garden plant Biwa in Taman Simalem Resort, we are invited to see and surround the garden area of ??5 Ha planted with biwa with 1722 population of trees. Biwa plant is actually already familiar to people in Karo District because many residents plant biwa plants in the yard, there is no exact data when the actual plant biwa began to be planted in Tanah Karo.

Biwa Fruit Garden at Taman Simalem Resort

According to biwa garden management staff at Taman Simalem Resort, Biwa plants can bear fruit at the age of 4 years, at the age of 8 years the tree will be very fruitful Biwa so it can reach the harvest highway. This biwa plant can live more than 20 years. At Taman Simalem Resort biwa plants are cultivated with organic systems, using organic fertilizers and other treatments on plants that are very friendly to nature. Because biwa is a rare plant in the world including in Indonesia and natural conditions in Simalem suitable for this plant then the management of Taman Simalem Resort seeks to continue to develop fruit crops are well known to have many properties and high value it.

Biwa fruit wrapped in plaastik to prevent fruit fly attack

Bottle of aqua was given glue to catch the insect (fruit fly)

Fruit biwa yellowish at the time of young and fruits biwa taste is sour, if it is ripe fruit biwa orange will be striking and sweet. Unfortunately when I visited the biwa garden in Taman Simalem there are only a few fruits, generally not ripe. Biwa fruit should be wrapped with white plastic to avoid the attack of fruit flies that will damage the skin surface of the fruit.

The flesh of biwa contains a lot of citric acid, carotene, vitamin A which is good for eye health, vitamin B and C. Low calorie and high fiber fruits that can protect the membrane in intestine from cancer attack. This fruit also contains good potassium to control high blood pressure and heart rate, copper and iron substances that can help the formation of red blood cells.

Other properties, this fruit is also the main raw material in traditional Chinese cough medicine Pipa Gao, which is often used to relieve cough and help the respiratory system and digestion.

Fruit biwa that is ripe (source: internet)In addition to passion fruit, oranges that have been very popular as a typical souvenir of Berastagi then it is expected the fruits can be a new comer as a typical souvenir from Berastagi, Tanah Karo. But because of the scarcity of this fruit in the market to make harganyapun join. If the season, we can find fruit biwa sold in the fruit market with a fairly expensive price. In Berastagi fruit market a kilo biwa dibanderol with the price of Rp. 80.000, -, quite expensive is not it?

Fruit Biwa in Pasar Berastagi (source: internet)

Biwa fruit as one of the superior plants from the land of Karo, should be encouraged further development so that the future of biwa fruit can be a typical souvenir from Tanah Karo Simalem.

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