Blocked Residents, Oksibil Airport Total Lumpuh

Blocked Residents, Oksibil

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JAYAPURA, Hundreds of residents blocked access at Oksibil Airport, Pegunungan Bintang District, Papua, Saturday (18/11/2017). Residents who are members of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples (LMA) was also doing the action of burning tires at Avron airport, thus making the flight at the airport stopped.

It is true for a while the total paralyzed flight operation here, "said Pegunungan Bintang Police Chief, AKBP Juliarman E.P. Pasaribu when confirmed.

Juliarman said that one hour after the blockade which took place at around 06.00 WIT, TNI and Police officers together with Pegunungan Bintang Maria Dilam Regency DPRD members and airport authorities did mediation, until finally the airport was reopened.

The airport itself requested a security guarantee in this case to the Police and the community which will be forwarded to the Directorate General of Transportation to request the flight schedule to reopen, he said.

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He mentioned that residents only allow the airport to open until 15:00 WIT, after which they will do another blockade. But he continued, at around 10:00 WIT, suddenly-there were 30 people bringing bows and arrows to join the residents.

"Until we finally decided the airport was closed," he said.

On this event, Juliarman confirmed, it will continue to communicate with all parties to solve this problem, until the airport can be re-operational.

If the airport in the cap drags on, then all activities will be paralyzed, especially the economy, because this is the only transportation access, "he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the LMA Anton Uropmabin said the action carried out at around 06.00 WIT was in protest to the government over land rights ulayat over this airport.

Not only that, we also question the distribution of village funds that are not in accordance with the rules, causing some officials in the local government to become a suspect of corruption, said Anton.

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