Blood Donation in Indonesia Needs More Promotions

Blood Donation in Indonesia Needs More PromotionsThe fact that one in three Indonesians needing blood donation in their lifetime is a problem to fix. Indonesia requires no less than 50,000 blood donations weekly; however, it can only produce around 50 percent of the demand. The government should enhance and help promote the national blood donation program to fulfill the shortages.

The main supplier of blood donation in this country is voluntary blood donors, others are taken from families, friends, or even on paid donations. Another bitter data is the accessibility of a safe and only blood donated one in 200 who donate. Unequal distribution of blood supply is the next problem as Jakarta Ministry in 2014, got 60 percent allocation while other 33 provinces got the rest.

Voluntary blood donors have been the heroes so far because they have the commitment to help others for their social responsibility or their generous personality. They have donated 80 percent of the supply according to Indonesian Red Cross (IRC). The self-awareness of the blood donors is the key of good promotion as both the donors and recepients have gotten mutual benefits.

On the contrary many still concerns about the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) contamination. These misleading perceptions have proved the blood donation activity.

Those partnerships are ideal for this country to help promoting the blood donations not only as social events but win-win activities also. The community requires the voluntary blood donors. Indonesia may follow what UAE has done which led them zero voluntary donors in 1990 to 97.6 percent in 2006.

By working closely with influencing medias and various communities, helping people raising the voluntary blood donations' participants.

Last but the least, the regular blood donation is very important to hold that the involvement of those stocks is emphasized like having a 6-month-gathering activity. Through the reqular event, promoting voluntary blood donor is more effective as an arena of personal satisfaction and self-pride than as a merely social "meet and greet" party.

We really appreciate for the local blood donors who have saved millions of lives; In order to support the honorable activity, the association of SMAN 45 alumni graduated in 1984 (Iluni 84), will have a blood donor activity in November 18, 2017 by inviting all alumni of this senior high school graduated from all classes from 1980s to 2000s to participate. By bringing the theme: One Blood Saves Millions of Lives, we hope the activity could help saving other millions. See you there friends. Donor Blood Cross Force SMAN 45 – Healthy and GW!

Tears of a mother can not save her Child. But your Blood can

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