Blue Black VS White Gold, It’s Actually That Happens To Your Eyes

Blue Black VS White Gold, It's Actually That Happens To Your – If recently, social media was stunned with a picture post a dress or a confusing dress between blue-black or white-gold. Confirmed from the owner of her own dress and even the photo gowner, this dress is actually blue-black, but why do so many say that this is white-gold?

In a survey on BuzzFeed, 70% said it was white-gold, and another 30% admitted seeing the dress as blue-black. According to Beau Lotto, an eye neuroscientist and color researcher, quoted from, this perception is very possible due to physical differences in the eyes of each person.

A person's visual perception can vary greatly even in people who have no weakness in recognizing color or partial color blindness. Inside the eye, there are cone cells that are responsible for the way we see color. The cone cells are arranged differently in different people, and can cause a person to see different colors or different versions of the original color, even in the same light.

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Beau Lotto, too, says, "Most of the reasons we look at colors differently are the way our brains look at objects differently in different situations." Your brain will always use a certain context to see the connection between the various colors, so it can indeed be deceiving. Eyes are also very sensitive to light or dark light.

Some people can see this dress with the wrong color because of the lighting factor. Because it may have just seen something very bright or very dark, and that will change the perception of what they see now.

In fact, everyone does see color differently every time because of the influence of brain and cone cells on the eye. So why argue so hard about a shirt?

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