Body Language The Comuterline Passenger Hinted at Love

Body Language The Comuterline Passenger Hinted at LoveHis shabby body and age close to 70 years did not make this grandfather quit his activity. As a comuterline train user I often meet him, but we rarely talk. The commuterline that took us from Tanah Abang station to Rangkasbitung station and passed through twenty-one stations made us unable to withstand the cold of AC. My 34-year-old was almost defeated by the grandfather.

He rarely speaks, but his body continues to withstand the cold. The clothes she wore were also very thin, other things with me were wearing jackets but but unable to withstand the cold. Passengers with this Cikuya destination station occasionally look to see in front of them if there are passengers who do not get a seat (passenger priority) he did not hesitate to budge and choose to stand. His body language implies love.

One night, when a mother approached the priority seat, this grandfather with all her weaknesses chose to give in and let her sit down. At that time I was stunned to see the kindness of this grandfather while thinking about other passengers (youth) next to the grandfather who is still sitting sweetly. "He lost to this grandfather," I thought to myself.

Perhaps this grandfather is more understanding and understand the ethics than the young man. I also continue to pay attention to the condition of his lethargic body sitting while holding the cough because of cold but still pity to the passengers around. One lesson I learned from the condition and feelings of this grandfather that "When we are in a state of distress and distress, we must keep an eye on the circumstances of others who are more in need,"

If I meet this grandfather again in comuterline, I will take the time to chat with him a lot.

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