Bon is empty and culture is corrupt

Bon is empty and culture is corruptSomewhat difficult to make a suitable title for this one case. Finally I use the word "culture" to blowup the title so that the impression how … so loh!

This case is common in our environment, in the agency where we work is definitely know what the title above. And I also just understand, really understand when experiencing the "problem" that involves this empty bon. Whereas I used to help budhe (wife of my mother / sister) running my photo copy business firmly refused all requests of this empty bill, so that when there is a rival photo copy, many subscriptions run to the rival photo copy blank).

Yesterday (Thursday 2-2-2012) I reported to the principal where I was teaching. I report there is some CPU damage and some supporting devices that need to be replaced. Briefly the Headmaster's mother told ACC my request and asked me to face her after I taught. When finished teaching me to the room of the Headmistress while handing the empty receipt of the stamped, the money needed to buy the item and a little message "Please ask for the stamped blank and also the receipt for the seal because if not how we will give (tip / wages) of those who are told ". I am shocked (cumak in my heart and do not need to be expressed let it not be caught) while saying "Nggih … bu (many times) which means yes, bu I understand and I will carry out with the best and I will keep secret meeting! but I told you in Kompasiana).

Once I got money and a set of supporting equipment, I was stunned … how much will I be given services / tip? it's just buy 5 pcs mouse price (if not wrong) Rp. 25,000. Fifty thousand, a hundred thousand or more, I do not know? and again from the beginning I just want to help the teaching and learning activities can be smooth and uninterrupted. There is no intention to mark up so I get more profit. Kan only 5 pcs mouse, maybe another story if pengadan computer device (?).

The next story later I'll klo I bought the goods … ok.

I deliberately use the word "culture", because it is common in all the lines of our lives. Take a look at the top lefel, how sophisticated public officials play with "empty bills", multi-marking project mark ups. And they are more sophisticated by making a system that is neatly arranged. They play on all fronts, starting from Banggar (klo in DPR), then in rangkap, then there are partners who play, to the areas that are ready to receive these funds. Everyone is assigned to "lead" the project in order to deal, according to the initial scenario. They play very neat and beautiful. And remember those involved should get a fee from the workload that has been executed. See how the testimony of witnesses revealed in the trial Nazarudin (not Nyasar udin). There is a PT company (official with all its permits and NPWP) in charge of being a partner, someone is assigned to the DPR and so on. It is clear that the "empty bill" has blinded everyone (including the most esteemed people's representatives) to exhaust the nation's wealth on the pretext of building their image at the expense of the (hopefully) too big people. Not to mention other institutions that are very much in number. And all of their arguments are all plausible and legal (because there are official rules). I once asked a friend who works in KUA how much is the cost to take care of a marriage, is there a new law regulating the change of marriage rates ?. My friend answered "NO", he then why the cost of marriage that I know only Rp. 30.000 can be changed to Rp.350.000 plus service / tip for pack modin and officer who escort the wedding procession ?. What is the answer … all rational and reasonable … try to imagine in KUA sub-district office have employees who must be paid salary, whereas from the regional office only give 2 million fund for operational all, have not buy ATK, have not drink employees and others … mbuh ruwet I can not think …

In conclusion, it feels pessimistic we will have a clean public official … if the empty bon culture is still rife in all walks of life.

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