Bone-Bone, Smoke Free Village Cigarettes!

Bone-Bone, Smoke Free Village Cigarettes!The village of Bone-bone is one of the villages located in Baraka District Enrekang Regency, South Sulawesi. The village is a village that is still very remote location, located away from the center of the crowd and the path to get there is still quite difficult. A narrow walkway between mountains, cliffs, steep cliffs is the only alternative way to get to the village. Who would have thought a village far from the center of the crowd, has such a stunning natural beauty. The air is so fresh, the leafy trees, the sound of birds chirping and the temperature that is so wowdinginnya, bringing us to a calm atmosphere and maybe we do not get urban areas full of frenzied and polluted human activity.

There is one thing that became the appeal of the village of Bone-bone which is now already known to the outside country, that is all the people who are in the village none of whom are smoking. both children, teenagers to the elderly. Initially the village of bone-bone as a smoke-free village is derived from the story of one of the villagers bone-bone who became TKW and fell ill for some time. the next he was diagnosed with lung disease is suspected because it caused by smoking habit. then the migrant worker said that he never smoked but he has a family history of smokers that caused him lung disease.

The incident was heard by the village head of Bone-bone, he thinks about the Bone-bone community that has a very high smoking habit. People who do not smoke any disease, especially Bone-bone community that every day can not get out of cigarettes?! …. If it is left then it will endanger the health of the people of Bone-bone. The village head also tried to change the smoking behavior of his community to stop smoking.

To change the behavior of smoking in children, the village chief often tells the children in his village that if we smoke, we will fall ill and then will be injected by a doctor. Seeing a syringe just scared the kids, let alone injected. It is always in telling him to change the behavior of his people, especially children. Because through the children is one way to change behavior. Hearing the story, the children began to leave his smoking habit. In addition, at the time of lecturing dimesjid often also the father of the village incessantly remind to the community about the dangers of smoking. One of the contents of the sentence at the time of the lecture is "smoking can reduce income that can be used for daily needs". In the beginning there are still some people who ignore it, but gradually they can understand that smoking is very harmful, both in terms of health and economic aspects, plus more income derived only from the results of gardening that can only meet the needs of day-to- day.

Currently all Bone-bone villagers have been spared the habit of smoking and none of the people smoked, even people who visit the village are not allowed to smoke. If any visitor visiting the village smokes then the first thing the locals do is admonish them, and if the guest reprimands are still smoking, he will be expelled from the village. Amazing! … (if my place is like sowahh).

Nahh.Desa Bone-bone can be used as an example for other villages, even in urban areas as well, so that it can lead us better in improving public health status. so remember the pearl words in my college place..Prevent is better than a cure !.

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