Botanical Gardens That Are Not Just A Recreational Place

Botanical Gardens That Are Not Just A Recreational PlaceFor those of you who have known the Bogor Botanical Gardens, may have been understandable if the area of ??the ring road is usually crowded at the weekend. The density of traffic is related to the increasing number of visits, especially on Sundays as botanical gardens are often used as a convenient and inexpensive recreational place.

Recreation has indeed become one of the functions of the botanical garden to provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the botanical garden atmosphere, but for most visitors the function of plant conservation is less well known.

The existence of Botanical Gardens in this world, including Bogor Botanical Garden actually has the main purpose as a container for the conservation and development of rare plants or plants that have prospects and economic value in the future.

Various types of crops in this world to date a lot of which have not all identified its function, especially a nutritious plant as a candidate of plants that have potential in the future as a source of new drug discovery.

In the midst of an increasingly unpredictable situation of global environmental and climate degradation, conservation efforts are an effort to save future generations in relation to future challenges we will face in terms of food security, energy security, environmental degradation and climate change .

According to research published in Nature Plant 2 days ago, every year around the world there are about 500 million people visit the Botanical Garden. Besides as a botanical garden recreation has a function as a place of learning, education, research and especially as a place of conservation.

With this main function, the existence of a botanical garden in the world plays an important role in protecting plants from extinction, because the botanical garden becomes a shelter of about 40% of rare plants. At least around the world the botanical gardens have provided 100,000 species of rare plant protection from extinction.

Botanical garden besides serves as a place of living collections, also serves as a seed bank for further plant development in the future

If we look at the map of the existence of a botanical garden in the world, then we will get the fact that the existence of botanical gardens in the northern hemisphere more. Obstacles botanical gardens located in the northern hemisphere is actually larger especially for the maintenance of tropical plants because it requires greenhouse facilities that have temperature and humidity settings.

The role of the botanical garden as a container for the preservation of rare plants is actually still potential to be further improved, because based on research results average garden in the world has only 10% of rare plants from all collections.

Managing the botanical gardens is not easy considering the huge maintenance costs. In Indonesia with limited budget, the function of the botanical garden as a conservation site must go hand in hand with its commercialization function.Increased interest of the community visiting the botanical garden is very encouraging because the income from entry fees visitors can play a role in supporting the main function of the botanical garden as a place of plant conservation.

The tendency of increasing public interest in nature recreation is very relief because of the existence of the botanical garden as a place of education began to be realized by the community.

Educational tours to the world's botanical gardens are increasingly showing the importance of botanical gardens as a place of learning will be important for plant conservation for future generations.

If the botanical garden has turned into a major tourist destination then the fear of declining public awareness of the importance of crops for future generations will be reduced.

The success of Gardens By The Bay in Singapore in attracting the tourists of the world we need an example. The blend of modern architectural concepts and conservation and harmonious conservation concept make it a major tourist destination in Singapore.

In Gardens By The Baydi Singapore this traditional concept of botanical garden has been changed with modern concepts that still thick with the concept of conservation so as to give the impression and different atmosphere if we visit the traditional botanical garden.

The explosion of visitors especially on holidays at Gardens By The Bay proves that under the commercialization of tourism can go hand in hand with the concept of conservation.

The success of the conservation program will greatly depend on the awareness of the importance of the function of this plant for the sustainability of future generations. This can certainly be achieved if the worldview and knowledge of the community about the importance of convervation is increasing.

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