Boys Can Be Naked Chest, But Why Girls Should Close Breasts

Boys Can Be

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A bare-chested man is a sight that is commonly found in everyday life. In the middle of the hot weather, in the swimming pool when it is likely that the T-shirt wet with water, until the middle of the sport game will be a lot of we see men who casually open their upper bodies.

This does not apply to women. Breasts or breasts are things that need to be kept closed all the time. Have you ever wondered why men should be shirtless while women do not? What is the underlying thought? In this article Hipwee will explain the reason.

#FreeTheNipple Movement (Unblock)

In the early summer of this year, Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore couple protest in New York, United States by showing her breasts in public. He walked the streets of New York with open chests to attract the attention of many people. A breast show later tagged #FreeTheNipple is also uploaded on Twitter.

Action #FreeTheNipple is a form of protest Scout against Terms of Use Instagram which makes his Instagram account closed. Previously, Scout posted 2 pieces of photos that are considered to violate the rules of the community community Instagram.

The first photo is a photo with a V-shaped top that shows her breasts.

The second picture is a jacket photo on which there is a photo showing two of her friends shirtless. Instagram, which forbids users from posting nude or semi-nude photos, this photo is considered to violate community rules.

Scout then decides to waltz on the streets of New York, where bare chests are legalized for women, as a symbol of women's sovereignty over their own bodies. Scott said the action was not an act of seeking attention, but rather a liberation against the repression of a woman's body that had been going on:

I do not demand freedom for women not to wear a bra in public places, or to ask people to accept a bare-chested woman. No. I just want to show that women have the right to choose how they want to show their bodies in society.

The choice should be a personal decision, not determined by the reaction of the community to the action it does. No woman can be humiliated because of what she does on her own body.

Previously, Men's Breasts Are Also Just as Sacred as Breasts of WomenScout's argument against the act of releasing a woman's nipple was based on the same struggle that men had done in the 1930s. In that decade, chest and nipple are even still considered a part of the body of a man who is not worthy to be shown publicly.

The unacceptability of men showing their nipples in public can not be separated from the growing fashion trends of the day. Most men use under shirts under the clothes they wear. This under shirt layer serves to hide the man's nipples under the thinness of the clothes he wears.

In 1930, four men were bare-chested for showing off their chests on Coney Island. In 1935, there was a flash mob of bare-chested men in Atlantic City. 42 of the mob mob participants were also detained by the authorities. The struggle for men to be bare-chested in public was only successful in 1936, when the social norms of society were more permissive of the man whose breasts were open in public.

Beginning in the 1990s, fashion trends changed again. Undershirt is no longer a fashion item that must be owned by all men. Now most men also have a new craze for to exercise in the gym. Body-building sports branch that exposes the chest, arms and back is growing rapidly.

The question is, why today's man can show off his chest while women's breasts are still considered taboo?

Breast Women Are So Important Part Of Sexual Satisfaction

The reason why women should cover their breasts can not be separated from breast and sexual satisfaction. Women are the only mammals whose breasts can enlarge permanently. Zoologist Desmond Moris explains this by using the parable of the monkey sexual actions:

Male monkeys will penetrate their partner from behind. A sign he can use to see if the female is aroused or can not be seen from the butt of a female monkey. If the female monkey's ass looks red, it means the monkey is sexually aroused.
Meanwhile, most people do sexual penetration from the front (face to face). In this way, a man will see a woman's breast as a symbol to show her sexual readiness.

8 out of 10 women interviewed in the study also said that stimulation of the breasts and nipples of women can increase sexual satisfaction perceived. Scientifically, women's breasts are also an attractive and stimulating object for men.

Male attraction to female breasts can not be separated from the experience of breastfeeding through the mother's breast that he experienced as a child. The bonding and closeness that is felt to the mother wants to re-create with her female partner. Because of this, men love to touch and provide stimulation to the woman's breast sexual intercourse takes place.

If you want to know the reasons behind the attraction of men to women's breasts, you can see it in this lightweight video.Covering Breasts Is A Woman's Way to Keep Her Honor, But Men Are Still Got Obligation To Keep Your Eyes

Exposing women's breasts in public is obviously contrary to the norms in our society today. Leaving the breast open and exposed to various (unwanted) stimuli is also not a wise thing to do.

But keep in mind, women's efforts to maintain honor by closing the breast will not work if men do not have awareness to keep the eyes. Forever, the shape of a woman's breasts will remain visible. Until whenever, women's breasts will also remain sensitive to stimulation.

Closing the breast is a woman's attempt to appreciate the norms and interests of others around her. It's really strange when suddenly guys are stunned to see girls walking naked chest in the middle of the cinema? However, keep in mind that these two bumps are not objects that are hidden to make others curious.

When the woman has closed her breasts, stop to try to find and make up their shape. Let women have control over what they want to show and what does not. Women's breasts are not the spectacle you need to wait to air.

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