Brand I.K.Y.K Ready to hit the South Korean Fashion Market

Brand I.K.Y.K Ready to hit the South Korean Fashion – Again Indonesia should be proud of the young Indonesian desiner. After previously Annisa Hasibunan has showcased her fashion design in New York Fashion Week, this time brand Indonesia ready to wear I.K.Y.K (I Know You Know) which fronted by Anandia Putri will showcase her collection in South Korean market. Carrying the theme 'Sinsa Utility', I.K.Y.K brings 24 looks Spring / Summer 2017 to Fashion Code 2016 which will take place on October 18-20 at Seoul J-Grans House Namsan.

Fashion CODE is a fashion culture that has been held twice in Seoul aimed at strengthening the fashion market globally. The event is organized by the Ministry of Culture, and Tourism of Korea and the Korean Creative Council Agency and Council of Fashion Designers.

Creative Director I.K.Y.K, Anandia Putri this time will bring a collection of ready-made clothing with a blend of Korean pop-culture elements that are trending with traditional Korean elements. For example the fashion signature this time is a long coat-shaped outerwear inspired by traditional Korean clothing, namely Hanbok,

"Although most of his collection will be dominated by a closed fashion, but I believe his clothes can be used for summer in Korea," said Anandia.

Because most of the coat material that he used cotton tuile which if worn will not be hot and use green-oriented product, the product with environmentally friendly materials. Anindia became the first modest wear designer to hit the Korean fashion market.

"We can see how the influence of Korean culture is so great in the world, as well as in Indonesia, I hope they can see that Korean culture combined with modern modest wear can be something unique and a trend that can be accepted by the global market , "Anand added.

For those of you who do not have time to see the collection of Spring / Summer 2017 from I.K.Y.K, no need to worry because this collection will be displayed at the closing of the upcoming Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 event. Wow, so can not wait, yes, Ladies!

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