Brave, 120 riders Suzuki Satria F150 around the island of Sulawesi

Brave, 120 ridersA total of 120 riders Suzuki Satria F150 incorporated in the Suzuki Satria Makassar Team (SMART) community tried to trans Sulawesi route (Makassar, Mamuju, Palu, Gorontalo, Manado, Luwuk, Kolaka, KendariMakassar). SMART Touring Lintas Sulawesi 2017 was released at the end of last week (23/12) at Galesong Group Makassar page, and involve Suzuki Satria community in every area in Sulawesi Island. The purpose of this activity is to campaign the discipline of traffic and how to drive a safe and comfortable (safety riding).

Chairman of the SMART Touring Executive Committee of Sulawesi Cross Nusul Qadri, said the event will be held until January 2, 2018. This activity requires great courage and good stamina and skill, as this touring is conducted in the rainy season with a very challenging route. Therefore, the organizing committee performs a careful preparation to avoid the things that are not desirable.

In addition to the safety riding campaign, SMART Touring Team Sulawesi Cross also conducted various activities including visiting the attractions in each region, reforestation, and other social activities.

All activities undertaken in this event involve the Suzuki Satria community in each region working together related agencies. We hope this activity will be useful, not only for the Suzuki community but also for the local community, Nusul Qadri said in a release to on Thursday (28/12).

Muh Iqbal Basir, one of the members asserted that SMART Touring Lintas Sulawesi is an activity to maintain and improve togetherness and relationship between Suzuki community in Sulawesi region. We will continue to strive to maintain unity and fellowship with all SMART members and the Suzuki community through useful activities.

Fredrik Tulaseket, Marketing Manager of PT Sinar Galesong Mandiri (SGM), as a supporter of this event, said he was very happy with the activities undertaken by SMART. Galesong Group leaders welcomed this activity. We hope the safety and comfort of the riders who participate in touring is more preferred given the weather conditions in this rainy season, "he concluded. [Idc]

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