[Breaking News] Complete Transcript of Witness Conversation from Mirna’s Case of Death. Please Values Yourself Who Came!

The name of Wayan Mirna Salihin these days marks our media page. He is a woman who died after drinking iced Vietnamese coffee in a cafe Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Until now the investigation of the case of Mirna's death is still continuing.

Hipwee does not want to corner and blame anyone for this incident. This time Hipwee just wanted to summarize the transcript of a sound recording that (unexpectedly) witnessed the case of Mirna's death. For you who want to know the full description of the case and please own value how the conclusion.

Vietnamese coffee comes delivered by Olivier Kafe staff. Previously Jessica (friend Mirna) came to cover the bill. Though the drink has not been made. He said would surprise

Rangga is a barista who makes his coffee. Presentation in front of guests. From the bar only provided milk, ice cubes, and coffee

After Jessica returned to the table, the drinks came. According to the witness Jessica has set the table and glass in such a way before putting groceries on the floor

This makes the investigation somewhat difficult. Because the arrangement of glass and seat blocking CCTV

So handbagnya blocking CCTV?

By blocking it, he knows or does not know. That's not the mode yet.

Witness response about, Loh? How does the coffee smell of herbal medicine? Not worth selling?

We pour hot water in front of the guests. There is no. There is no. (the witness's response when asked about whether Rangga, the barista seemed to be doing something strange with the coffee of the victim)

The witness also can not provide an assessment of the peculiarities of the expression of the victim. From CCTV not visibleThe voice of the man on the recording says, Do-do lesbian Witnesses women say do not know.

According to the witness, from the beginning Mirna sipping coffee she already looks a bit less comfortable. Moments later Mirna starts to spasm

He started seizures. Her hands are stiff. Then our staff came.

Then how the response Jessica?

He's calm. Quiet.

Jessica then asked, This is what the drink is given? The cafe immediately tried the drink

Several witnesses in the recording said that the Vietnamese Coffee Mirna drank caused the tongue to be immune, even the Barista captain trying to vomit. And they just tasted a little without swallowing.

It tastes bitter, chemical smell, tongue like digelitikin, then tongue numb.

The initial estimate of Mirna's witness is not poisoning. But epilepsy

The witness immediately asked Mirna's friend to confirm to the family whether Mirna had an epileptic history. The GI manager and the cafe then took the initiative to bring Mirna to the clinic at Grand Indonesia. After arriving at the clinic, the husband of the late Mirna has arrived.

The deceased was then taken to the hospital at the request of her husband. With the help of oxygen from the clinic at Grand IndonesiaThe conversation transcript stops here. Witnesses and investigators then exchanged phone numbers and business cards to continue further investigation.

Regardless of whoever the culprit, Hipwee hopes this case will soon find a solution. And may the late Mirna rest there. Also grieve for the family and colleagues Mirna.

The full transcript you can hear right here:

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