BRI Facilitates Credit of Park Residence Purchase Apartment

BRI Facilitates Credit of Park Residence Purchase ApartmentPeople who want to buy 1Park Residence apartment built by PT Intiland Development Tbk in Gandaria elite area of ??South Jakarta, can utilize credit facility (mortgage / apartment house) from Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

"We have signed an agreement with BRI to facilitate the financing of ownership of an apartment unit in 1Park Residence Gandaria," said Chief Operating Officer of PT Intiland Development Tbk, Suhendro Prabowo in Jakarta, Wednesday.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding This cooperation was conducted by both parties on Wednesday (7/7). Each party is represented by Suhendro Prabowo, Intiland's chief operating officer and President Director of PT Gandaria Permai as the developer and Joice F Rosandi, Head of Consumer Credit Division of BRI.

Suhendro Prabowo said the cooperation would be very helpful and make it easier for people to own and live in 1Park Residences apartment.

"This is a mutual cooperation for both parties, BRI with a vast network of branches and an enormous number of customers and has important roles and positions in helping people's financial needs, including in terms of housing and shelter financing," said Suhendro Furthermore.

Furthermore, Joice R. Rosandi said it welcomes the cooperation with Intiland. With a total of more than 50 million customers, BRI is committed to always meet the financial needs of the community, including to have apartment units.

"The needs of BRI's customers in residential areas, including apartments from year to year, are increasing and we will continue to strive to help communities to have a place to live through innovative KPA facilities that meet the people's wants and capabilities," Joice said.

According to him, niche market apartment market, especially in Jakarta has increased significantly in recent years. The change of urban residents trend returning to urban areas became one of the triggers of high demand for credit facilities for condominium and apartment ownership.

Through this KPA facility from BRI, prospective buyers of 1Park Residences apartment get a very attractive financing facility. For buyers of 1Park Residences apartment units through KPA BRI facilities get a special interest rate of 7.5% fixed a year or 8.8% fixed for two years.

"We give the KPA interest to the buyers of the apartment, after the first or second year, the interest rate will return to normal according to the prevailing market rate," he said.

"We also offer KPA alternatives with other fixed interest rates, for example for a period of 1 year with a fixed interest rate of 4.50% per annum, for 2 years 5% fixed interest rate per annum, or 5 year period with interest rate 6 % fixed per year, "he added.With this low interest rate, Suhendro believes that the grant of KPA BRI facility will increase the sales of 1Park Residences apartment units.

In addition to its relatively easy terms, this cooperation provides an alternative choice of financing model for potential customers to own 1Park Residences apartment.

Regarding the construction of apartment projects, Suhendro said, of the two apartment towers that have been marketed previously, as much as 70% have been sold.

Following the success, the company plans to immediately market its third tower in Q3 / 2010.

1Park Residences Apartment is built on an area of ??1.2 hectares in the elite area, Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta. This apartment consists of 379 units divided into three towers with a height of 22, 18, 26 floors.

Suhendro explained that the construction process of 1Park Residences is now immediately entering the foundation stage. The Company will determine the main contractor to start the construction of basements and apartment towers.

"The basement and tower construction process will start in the near future," said Suhendro, adding that the construction of the 1Park Residences apartment will be completed and handed over to consumers by the end of 2012.

The apartment project also allocates over 70% of the total area of ??1.2 hectares for the greening area and facilities for its inhabitants. (ant / roc)

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