BRIK Target for Forestry Export is Difficult to Achieve

BRIK Target for Forestry Export is Difficult to AchieveHead of the Forestry Industry Revitalization Board (BRIK) Soewarni said that the export growth target of forestry products is difficult to achieve because the business climate is less supportive.

"We hope that the classic problems of the forestry sector can be resolved, considering that the current condition is very difficult to achieve the export growth target of 14% as expected by the trade minister, especially to meet the target set by the vice president at 20%," he said in Jakarta on Monday 23/07).

Based on data from BRIK, exports reached up to the first semester of 2007 is less than half of the 2006 export record. For wood panels, for example, up to the beginning of July exports recorded 1.31 million m3 worth 659.9 million US dollars. Whereas in 2006 exports were posted as much as 3.48 million m3 worth 1.6 billion US dollars.

The same conditions also occur in wood carpentry commodities. As of early July, the export volume was recorded at 798,262 m3 worth US $ 545.94 million. Still far from the 2006 export record of 2.3 million m3 worth 1.29 billion dollars.

Soewarni said, the root of the drop in Indonesia's forest products exports is not conducive business climate in Indonesia. "Finally, we can not take advantage of our comparative advantage in the export market," he said.

What makes him uncomfortable, according to him, is not conducive to the business climate in Indonesia caused by the classic problem that is just that, starting from the continuous emergence of negative excesses in the eradication of illegal logging, the rules that overlap the bureaucratic paths.

"In the end the 'high cost economy' which makes efficiency seem to be expensive goods, therefore, the business actor hopes that all problems can be resolved soon," he said.

He pointed out, one form of overlapping rules that could inhibit exports currently occurs in products with raw materials of ironwood.

Soewarni said, there was a lack of clarity about the status of ironwood at least be exported, due to the existence of two different regulations.

This condition occurred when the Director General of Forestry Production Development of the Ministry of Forestry issued Circular Letter No.S.266 / VI-BPHA / 2006 on August 15, 2006. Through the circular letter ulin wood should not be traded outside Kalimantan.

In fact, based on Regulation of the Minister of Trade No.09 / M-DAG / PER / 2/2007 concerning Provisions on the Export of Forestry Industry Products, ulin wood is not forbidden wood to be traded. ? Currently the clarity of the status of ironwood is being coordinated by the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Forestry. "We hope the overlap of such regulations could be eliminated," he said.He hoped that the government could reduce the negative excesses arising from the illegal logging operation carried out by the police. "We hope that what we all want in order to avoid negative excesses from eradicating illegal logging," he said.

According to him, if the eradication of illegal logging is still continuously causing negative excesses, will make the forestry business climate deteriorate. "Businessmen will find it hard to work if the business climate is not healthy," he said.

The emergence of negative excess can not be separated from the still unclear tasks and functions of each institution involved in combating illegal logging as stated in Inpres No.4 / 2005. Therefore, he welcomed the evaluation plan of the Inpres by the government with the Ministry of Forestry.

Soewarni said the government's move to conduct an inpres evaluation is very appropriate. Moreover, the Inpres does not clearly articulate the duties and functions of each institution involved. "The duties and responsibilities of each institution need to be clarified," he said.

He hopes, forestry officials will be the front guard in every eradication of illegal logging. The reason, forestry officers are the most technical know about forestry than apparatus from other institutions. "The domain of forestry should be handled by forestry technical officers," he said. (* / rit)

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