British Tiananmen Tragedy Victims Killed 10,000 People

British Tiananmen Tragedy Victims Killed 10,000 People

Image source:, Beijing – In mid-1989, hundreds of pro-democracy student protesters staged a rally in Tiananmen Square, China. As a response, the Chinese army ran the demonstrators with tanks and bloody events that were later called Tiananmen tragedies.

For about 3 weeks, nearly 500 protesters concentrated on the scene, even overnight to shout their demands.

As the action gets bigger, the Chinese Government takes action. On June 4, 1989 the Chinese military and police broke up the masses. About 200 to 3,000 people are estimated dead.

No one knows the exact number, there are many versions of it. While 10 thousand others were arrested.

However, recently a British diplomatic cable revealed a version of the death toll from the Tiananmen tragedy.

Quoted from on Sunday (24/2/2017), the contents of the British diplomatic wire leaked by the HK01 website. The document, which was written 24 hours after the incident, gave the death toll of the Tiananmen tragedy more than the current estimate.

The diplomatic wire also revealed the sickening details of an incident that shocked the world. In the document, written student injuries were paid when they pleaded for mercy, human bodies were "doused into a ditch", and a mother was shot as she tried to help her injured three-year-old daughter.

The document also accused the 27th Division of the People's Liberation Army from Shanxi Province – which coordinated the army in the incident – described thousands of pro-democracy protesters, made up of "60 percent illiterate and primitive".

The secret wire was written by Sir Alan Donald, who was Britain's ambassador to China, dated June 5, 1989 and stationed at the National Archives of England.

"The students understood that they were given an hour to leave the field but after five minutes the Chinese attacked," the envoy wrote.

"Students hugged each other, but then were crushed by tanks.These tanks then repelled the bodies repeatedly until the penyet, such as making a 'pie' and the body rotation was then collected by bulldozers.""The remains of the bodies were burned and then doused into the sewer," the ambassador's dubes wrote.

In the document, Ambassador Donald said he had collected Tiananmen tragedy information from "good friends" in China's ruling State Council which, he said, "is reliable and careful to separate fact from speculation and rumors".

"The 27th Division of the People's Liberation Army is commanded not to forgive anyone," Ambassador Donald wrote.

"Wounded girls begged forgiveness, but stabbed by a bayonet A three-year-old girl was injured, but her mother was shot while she was helping, just like the other six."

"1000 survivors were told they could escape, but then fired upon by MG (machine gun) specially prepared for them."

"The Army ambulance who was trying to provide assistance was fired upon, like an ambulance of a Sino-Japanese hospital, with a medical crew dead, an injured driver trying to attack the assailant but smashed into pieces by an anti-tank weapon."

Ambassador Donald also claimed that the soldiers shot one of their own shaky officers on orders.

"The 27th soldier was shot dead by his own troops, apparently because he hesitated …"

The terrible diplomatic wire ended with the phrase, "A minimum estimate of 10,000 civilians is killed."

Nearly three decades after the Tianamen tragedy, the communist regime continued to ban debate on the issue. The Tianamen tragedy is banned in textbooks and media, and is censored on the internet.

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