Bro-Bro, 12 This Food Can Boost Your Naturality Naturally!

Bro-Bro, 12 This Food Can Boost Your Naturality Naturally!Before going straight into the various foods that can increase your masculinity, you must first acquaintance with the name of testosterone, which is often termed as virility hormone. Actually testosterone not only owned guy doang because the body of a girl also produces this hormone. Maybe because guys produce testosterone 20 times more than girls, this hormone is often linked to masculinity.

Although testosterone guys are manufactured in a factory called testis, you do not rush to judge testosterone as a hormone for intimate relationships because, its function is more than that you know, guys. Testosterone is responsible for the formation of muscles, if you include a guy who is obsessed with the stomach of the boxes, the protein is not enough, broh! Testosterone also plays a role in preventing bone loss a.k.a. Osteoporosis, as well as not less important role in the process of blood rejuvenation.

So for the health and fitness of the body, you must keep the level of testosterone. And if you feel less fit and do not want to experience symptoms of premature aging, maybe you should consume the following foods:

1. Sausage, processed beef that contains protein, fat and cholesterol all at once

Basically, your body needs cholesterol and fat as a testosterone-producing substance so for your intake of cholesterol and enough fat you should multiply eating red meat from beef and goat. It turns meat into a delicious meal is not an easy thing, especially for guys who just master when cooking instant noodles.

To overcome these limitations you can eat meat that has been processed so sausage. Why sausage? Because this food is very easy for you to fry, roast or just be a cover for your instant noodles. Even if you eat only fat intake noodles, cholesterol as well as protein you should stay awake dong.

2. Eat venison if you have trouble eating beef / goat

For guys who have a weight problem and / or have cholesterol levels above normal eating goat or beef meat can be a serious dilemma. On the one hand you need protein, fat and cholesterol from the meat, but the more you eat the higher your cholesterol and the more fat accumulate in the stomach.

From a study at the University of Utah found that excessive fat (not to mention the fat from beef and goat) actually lowered testosterone levels drastically. So the safest meat for you may be the deer meat that has a low fat and cholesterol content, so it is safe for you who are very high cholesterol. In addition, the protein content of deer is also high so it can be influential in the formation of your muscles.

3. If you love to eat fish, perbanyaklah tuna fish

Because tuna meat is rich in vitamin D, a vitamin that is believed to be good for the bones and the immune system. Vitamin D is always closely related to a long healthy life and testosterone production. One serving of tuna-filled menus meets your daily vitamin D requirement. Not just vitamin D you can get, this fish meat is also rich in protein, low in calories and good for the heart. In addition to tuna other types of fish that have good health benefits are sardines and salmon.4. Eggs, especially egg yolk can increase testosterone levels without affecting cholesterol

In addition to containing a good protein for muscle formation, eggs can boost the production of testosterone hormone through cholesterol contained in it. Cholesterol in eggs is enough to be the main ingredient for producing testosterone, but the levels are not too dangerous for your heart. Even research at the University of Connecticut says that you can eat three eggs a day without affecting cholesterol levels in the body.

Of the many goodness of eggs, more than half contained in egg yolks. Nutrients such as protein, fat, cholesterol and vitamin D are abundant (you already know the point of Vit D) are in the yellow section that is always feared most people over the years.

5. Actually milk can streamline the body of a guy, you know!

If all this time you are reluctant to drink milk for fear (plus) fat, you should think again deh. Research from the University of Pittsburgh suggests the fact that obese men tend to have more esterogenic hormones than slimmer guys. Therefore you can cut the excess fat by replacing the hormone estrogen with the hormone testosterone through drinking low-fat milk and rich in calcium and vitamin D. Amino acids contained in milk can boost the production of anabolic hormones that also play a role in muscle formation and burn excess fat. Once again you drink low-fat milk rich in vitamin D, because it does not contain saturated fat like regular cow's milk.

6. Besides sourced from animal, wine can also boost testosterone production. Plus.improves sperm swimming ability

Red wine skin contains resveratrol, a chemical compound that makes your sperm more swimmer. Based on research in China, eating wine with 5-10 grams of skin per day is equivalent to consuming 500 mg resveratrol, and that number is enough to meet the needs of your body.

500 mg of resveratrol is also enough to boost testosterone production and improve sperm's ability to swim. For those of you who have not got a halal partner, do not get discouraged first. Because the content in the wine also gives you protection from cancer risk, heart disease, improve sharpness of the mind and increase stamina while exercising.

7. Do not believe in myth, Apokat fruit actually contains good cholesterol for your body

There are two types of cholesterol you must know, HDL and LDL. LDL is often called bad cholesterol, because it accumulates in the blood vessels and clog blood flow to and from the heart, this cholesterol you should stay away from. While HDL is a good cholesterol, its job is to clean and dismantle the blockage of blood vessels made by LDL. Well, HDL cholesterol is good for your body can be from avocado fruit.

Avocados will open up blood clots that are the main cause of heart disease, stroke and erectile dysfunction. From the study found that men who like to consume avocados, nuts and vegetables have low LDL levels and high testosterone.8. In order to prevent and fight impotence, you can consume pomegranates

For those who believe, pomegranates are believed to be the fruit of heaven. It may be quite reasonable considering the various properties stored in the fruit which in English terms is called Pomegranate. Pomegranates have good benefits for healthy teeth, kidneys and human heart. While specifically for guys, the high antioxidant content in the pomegranate can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and fight against impotence. This is stated by the International Journal of Impotence Research who found 47% of impotent men who regularly drink a glass of pomegranate juice every day admitted erectile dysfunction problems improved. Hmmm The fruit is heaven.

9. If you want to have a muscular muscle often chew garlic

Garlic efficacious for treating muscles and improve weak muscles. Garlic contains allicin compounds that can suppress the production of hormone cortisol aka stress hormone. Inside the muscles, cortisol and testosterone compete on the same land but with different aims. Testosterone wants your muscles to harden and strong, while cortisol wants to relax.

So to have strong muscles you have to suppress the hormone cortisol. If cortisol has been removed, testosterone can work freely in your body. Chewing (and swallowing) raw garlic is much more potent than garlic that you do not accidentally swallow from cooking. Siapin air freshener yes, bro!

10. Do not hesitate for peanut nuts, especially Brazil nuts

Nuts do not contain bad cholesterol as it has been feared by many people, it has fat that can suppress SHBG, a compound that binds itself to the hormone testosterone to testosterone can not work optimally. So do not hesitate or guilty when you snack peanuts while hanging out and when watching ball with friends.

All nuts are good for boosting testosterone performance but there is one type of beans actually awarded to the guy for increasing the amount of testosterone that is brazil nuts. In addition to good fat for the body, brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which has an effect on raising testosterone levels directly.

11. In addition to milk, cabbage also helps lower estrogen levels, which sometimes makes you have boobies

When was the last time you ate cabbage? In addition to milk, cabbage also has an important role to suppress the amount of hormone estrogen (hormone girl) that if too much in your body can cause obesity and grow (ahem ..) man boobies. According to research at Rockefeller University, men who regularly eat 500 mg of cabbage every day of the week have decreased levels of estrogen. Esterogens in a man's body are split, allowing maximum testosterone to work.

12. Good news! Instead of eating goat torpedoes, mending you drink Honey Bro! It has been clinically tested.Reportedly, the goat torpedo is much more powerful than Khanatnya Viagra, out of nowhere this news circulated. Until now there has been no research that ensures that goat torpedoes can increase human virility. Probably logically correct this torpedo is a goat testis so rich in testosterone, but if you want to take all the testosterone you have to eat it raw (iuhuhhh!) Not fried or cooked with soup.

Instead of disgusting yourself for imagining raw torpedo food, it would be nice if you took the merits of honey alone. Honey is rich in boron minerals that are directly related to high testosterone. In addition, honey contains high nitric oxide, useful to smooth blood flow to all parts of the body. Thus the risk of erectile dysfunction can be reduced by eating four teaspoons of honey every day. Hayo choose which one, the sweetness of honey or the disgust of a goat torpedo?

In addition to being obtained from food, increasing testosterone levels should be supplemented by great effort as well. You can exercise running or weight training so that the hormone can be pumped into the muscle. You should also try to get enough sleep and regular, and avoid stress. With such a lifestyle, your manhood will increase naturally.

No need to use drugs, bro!

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