Broken Heart Hill, New Places of Interest in Klaten For Your Broken Heart

Broken Heart Hill, New Places of Interest in Klaten For Your Broken HeartOne way to heal a broken heart is to walk, especially if done to natural attractions. In addition to the atmosphere and panorama that make the heart peace, the mind was kept away from remembering things that make sad. Well, Hipwee have a recommendation of natural attractions for you who are healing broken heart. In Balerante Village, Kemalang Sub-district, Klaten, there is a new tourist destination that must be visited, namely Broken Heart Hill. Broken Heart Hill is still a location with Kali Talang, only about 300 meters. Until now, tourist destinations with the name nyeleneh is managed by the Group Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis) Balerante.

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To get to Broken Heart Hill, tourists must climb the road from uphill land. However, not to worry! The path is good and flat, so baseball makes it difficult to reach its peak. In addition, the cool air also slightly eliminate thirst when walking. Ease again, the management of this tourist site also provides gazebo-gazebo along the path for tourists who want a break for a moment. Wow, suits tuh for you who tired easily! While walking to the top of Broken Hill, the eyes will be treated to beautiful natural scenery, with lush trees and bird chirp that fly freely in the tourist area. Because it is Broken Heart Hill is located around the forest area that became the habitat of various species of birds. Just make a cool heart and forget with heartache deh!

So what's the special thing on top of Broken Heart Hill? At the top of the hill, you can see the view more freely by climbing to the viewing post. A bamboo viewing post is provided there for tourists looking to see the unobstructed views of the trees. From the peak, you can see the cliffs to the north. In addition, there is a great view of the river that flows beneath the hill. Not only that, if you are lucky you can watch the plains that fly in the sky Klaten. This tourist destination has not been visited, so the atmosphere is perfect for you who want to calm down.

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