Bu I Want to Go Home And Hug You Instantly.

Bu I Want to Go Home And Hug You Instantly.Mom, I know you will not read this, but that's what I was expecting. You would not know if I was getting tired and a little bit trained on the path of God that started many obstacles. Because if you know for sure you'll worry about me. And I do not want that, but with this hopefully able to remove a little bit of burden.

Mom, the city is getting more and more cruel, I just realized the many people are two-faced. The good in front of me and like the devil behind me. Often they break me with his spicy words. More spicy than your handmade chilli sauce.

You're right, the man in the suit and the bachelor's degree is not necessarily an honorable person. Apparently a lot of the more contemptible behavior. Often on behalf of the power to chop off my steps also in the name of the law and the Law to stop me. Who am I who do not know anything this can only be silent.

Besides, there's more you're right, the money can buy everything. I am just armed with good values ??from you and this little science sometimes stumbling to climb this capital, ma'am. I am very surprised by the cruelness of this city that is not as friendly as our city. I who have a potluck stock is often in the eyes of one eye.

The people here really think of themselves. Once one day I fell off the bike, most of them just watching, Mom. And occasionally laughed at my carelessness that day. No one wants to help me. Only an old grandfather helped me up. Lucky still left he is good-hearted like grandpa.

Mom, I often see people with no hearts passing by here. They often go out into malls and expensive restaurants, using luxury vehicles sometimes pretend to forget to pay for parking. Pretend not to see a begging little boy and a child about 7 years old rolled up the used bottle ignored.

Back with my own story, bu I like being alone here. When I was sick I bought my own medicine and ate myself. Though my friends when they were sick I was looking for medicine and eating. But they often close my eyes when I get sick.

I once went home from work night and the rain was so heavy with the wind. As a result the umbrella I used was broken, I was soaking wet the house. You know ma'am, what makes me hurt, the man who said he wants to pick me up is sleeping soundly. Big brother does not care about me at all. In addition without accusing or worse sangka bu. The results of my work often disappear without cause from my savings. So sorry bu if I choose to stay alone because I think it's better.

But bu, believe me I'm still your first daughter. The harshness of life makes me even more wise like you. I will not ignore your advice. I will always hold on to it as a solid and tough foundation of myself.

The good values ??you cultivate are far more valuable than the pile of money that my friend's parents gave him. I do not envy bu, did not want that at all. I'm just thankful you did not spoil me with money. But with a variety of life sciences that are very useful for me to survive. Until I am completely free from the dependence of money.

Mom, I also want to thank you for making me a human heart and helpful. Because in every difficulty there must be some help. Not them my friend or brother. But an alien angel with me suddenly sent God. I believe all your advice bu, because it's true it happened in me. Every good deed will definitely get good results, If we live without a grudge our life is more calm.About my story about brother, really I'm not angry at all. I'm just a little disappointed that day, but today it's all yawning I forgive her even though she does not admit it. Not that you said I should forgive people's faults no matter what. I've done bu.

About those suits, See later bu, your little princess will surely be equal to them but remain in your teachings. Always be honest and fair with others. Let them now fulfill their own interests. Let them be content with what makes them happy. But I'm sure someday God will show the truth. Is not the most correct law is the law of God and the fairest judge is God Himself, and I am sure of it.

Mom, I miss you, I miss sleeping in your lap without thinking of the world. And you hug warm, it keeps me safe from this cruel world. Mom, I want to go home. But I can not go home yet. Mom I'm a little tired, but just a little bit anyway. I must have gone through all His proceedings well. Do not stop praying for me, because through you I have the blessing of God. And your prayer is like a stepping-stone for me to cross the bridge smoothly. I promise to make you proud and immediately bring my success home.

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