Bubble Wrap Not Just Create Dimainin Aja. She Has 8 Meaningful Functions!

Bubble Wrap NotSmall items that look unimportant sometimes we are outrageous. Starting from removing silica gel, kitchen waste, to underestimate bubble wrap.
Yes, a bubble wrap that must be there if you buy electronic goods or glassware. Sometimes you often play if there is no job. When you finish you do not forget, then you?

Yes thrown away, rather than making dirty

Just for advice, do not throw it first, guys! Why? Because in this Hipwee article will discuss about the hidden function of Bubble Wrap that will be useful for you later.

1. Inject the remaining printer ink into bubble wrap. This method makes you have free room decoration

Instead of judging that bubble wrap is garbage, let's make something different that can make you happy and more creative. If you have a printer ink that is not kepake, then you are ready to start. Use injections for the printer ink into the small balloons. You can be creative as you wish.

Want to make your initials name? Can! Initial or even gebetan name? Really!

2. Traveling hobby and antiques shopping? Bubble wrap ready to be a new friend

The thing that can not be missed from the streets is shopping. Either souvenir shopping or just to buy drinking water. Well, for you who like to collect antique glassware such as plates, a set of teacups, or jars, it would not hurt you to bring bubble wrap you know. Make just in case if it turns out the antiques that you buy was not wrapped in the same that sell. You do not want to spend your shopping on the way right?

3. Glue bubble wrap on the place to eat can keep the temperature. Hot food or ice cream can be maintained

Weekend but do not want to go to the Mall or hang out in the cafe while sipping expensive coffee? Picnic can be your alternative to spend time with your friends. Do not forget to prepare to eat the same drink lhu, obligatory. Usually bring food that is not easy to smell and practical. Well if for example you want

Pingin bring ice cream, but ntar melel how dong?
At home again there sekoteng, but kalo already cold not good.Your worries will be wiped out. Take advantage of bubble warp by covering the surface of the container and using the masking tape. The surface of small balloons on the bubble wrap will keep the temperature cool or warm. Your food can be eaten with delicious, is not it?

4. Make a hobby to plant strawberries, bubble wrap will be very useful for you

Probably not the least of you who have ever, or still, planted strawberries on the home page or on the boarding page. For maximum fruit yield and look yummy, there is a provision that strawberry fruit as much as possible can not hit the ground. Why? Let me get rotten. Well to, prevent this, you can use bubble wrap as a base to keep your strawberries fresh and clean.

5. Know if bubble wrap can be put into the shoes and eliminate aches in the legs?

Running out of school? Or out of the way 3 km from house to campus for the saving and support movement anti global warming campaign?
Wow must be really tired ya leg. Must be on foot ya let ga tired again? To the reflection pipe in the Mall? The austerity mission fails.
There is one alternative for tired foot that is cost effective. Bubble wrap! How?

Cut out the bubble wrap according to the size of your feet.
After that, put bubble wrap into the shoe and use while you walk.
Undoubtedly, your feet will be less tired.

6. Glue the bubble wrap in your pants so it will not get dirty again in the sand

Spending time with the things we enjoy is fun. Especially when it's exciting, the world becomes yours and your passion.

Well, for you who like gardening, there must be like his grief. If you like it, only you and god can understand. Her sorrow? You must want to be dirty and your clothes will be exposed to the ground. Most pants are often victims.
There is an up-to-date solution to minimize your dirty-dirt activities. So that your pants are not dirty, use bubble wrap on top of pants and bottom and glued with masking tape. Can not wait to try?

7. Who likes to sleep in the sleeping bag, should really have a BW let you sleep no less sound as in the mattress

The traveler and who like to sleep nomadically, there is interesting info ya dear for you miss.
Sleeping bag is an important item that must be brought ya, guys. One more, bubble wrap? What for?
Well, so you can sleep soundly and not sick when sleeping on the ground is not flat, wrap the bubble wrap on your sleeping bag. Yep, so it can be more soft feeling obtained from the texture of the balloons. Your sleep will feel comfortable and sound, feel like kayak on the mattress itself, so.8. Cover your refrigerator with a bubble wrap for a beautiful fruit and not a boncel-boncel

Let your favorite fruit remain fresh, store it in the refrigerator is an obligation. Usually you put it on a special shelf. Sometimes, the annoyance is the fruits of boncel, the effects of the impact of time inside
refrigerator. You must bete dong yes. Well, let you not bete again when eating fruit, immediately try this effectual efficacy.

Cover your fruit rack with bubble wrap around the inside. Its soft, hardy texture will prevent your fruit from boncel.

Of the several hidden benefits of the bubble wrap above, which one can you wait for cobain?

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