Bule It Released Dangdut Kinyis-Kinyis Song because Saking Sukanya Same Dangdut. You Must Listen!

Bule It ReleasedOne of these music genres may be unfamiliar to our ears. It seems almost all the circles have ever even often listen to this one music. Yups, dangdut music as if already rooted like the culture and traditions of Indonesia. The fantastic strains of his cengkok and swaying, let alone performed by idol singers, make dangdut music so easily accepted by the public.

And it turns out, not just in Indonesia wrote that like the music genre this one. In fact, in America, dangdut music also began to demand. The proof, this new bule just wrote a song dangdut, of course, using the Indonesian language.

An American singer released a dangdut song titled Kinyis-Kinyis

Some time ago, a dangdut song titled Kinyis-Kinyis became the conversation of warganet, especially dangdut lovers. The appeal is not on the lyrics of the song, but the singer who performed this song. Danielle Desiree, woman from Delaware, United States. This certainly makes the dangdut lovers quite surprised. The reason, dangdut song sung by artist homeland or singers from neighboring countries. But this song even brought by Desiree, complete with joget and lyrics that speak Indonesian.

Uniquely, dangdut songs are paired with EDM and Rap music from Reign da God

In rendition of this song, Desiree not alone. He works with a rapper named Reign de God. Yups, this one song is not a pure dangdut but already combined with other music genres such as EDM and rap. The song was created by Sandy Eldest is telling the story of a woman's love with a man who was much younger than him. Hayo, who ya experience the same love affair like this?

The presence of dangdut music began when the Indonesian-American Dangdut festival held in Wilmington, Delaware

This one music band began to be heard in the United States since the Indonesia-American Dangdut Festival held in Wilmington, Delaware, United States in early September. Unexpectedly, the local singers are interested to sing this music stream of this one, even seriously. The festival is held by promoter Dangdut in America, Rissa Asnan. Indonesian native woman who has long lived in America is beginning to introduce dangdut music to promote as well as cure homesickness akan hometown. And finally, dangdut music began to be known and loved by people out there.

Well, for those of you who wonder how if bule that bawain dangdut songs, try to listen to Kinyis-Kinyis song this one deh. Guaranteed you will join sway, asiik

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