Buses Return to the Blora Forest, Kok Can

Buses Return to the Blora Forest, Kok Can

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Liputan6.com, Semarang Bus Garuda Mas with route Jakarta – Blora suddenly entered into teak forests in Cepu area, Blora regency of Central Java. Various speculations of mystical stories circulated among netizens regarding the mystery story of the mysterious jungle of Kalimodang.

The event occurred Monday (13/3/2017) at 03:40. FB Account Oye Bag uploaded a bus photo located in the middle of the teak forest in the Blora Updates group. In his post Oye Bag mentioned that the existence of the bus nyelonong into the forest unrelated mystical events.

"There is a bus entrance to Cepu jungle school, teak wood and electric pole, the infonya was at 3 o clock. Chronology is not understandable, but the stuck long," the Oye bag wrote.

This post immediately struck by netizens. Not a few who suspect the incident was a mystical event. Although many also commented that the accident was a human error factor.

FB IAn Funtastik accountPoetra GolptickBlora immediately commented briefly. "Alas blora emang mystical." The same is written by Yocan Pratama, "Alas blora must ngono leh."

In the post was rumored bus in empty condition without passengers, but the driver reportedly died. Soon the news grew and mentioned that the bus driver was in a wound condition and is currently hospitalized in a hospital.

Speculation is considered a mystical incident written by the Princess Noka account. According to him, from Jakarta, the bus already feels strange. He told me that his mother became one of the passengers on the bus. The bus feels like a sloping path, despite being in a flat field.

"Ki bus sg ditumpaki ibukq ko jkt .. Ibukq tkn omah jm 3 isuk ki jm 4 krng 20 lg kkng akeh sg ngmng nx bus'e fit ditumpaki (This bus that my mother boarded from Jakarta.My mother to home at three o'clock, this hour four less than twenty minutes of accidents Many people suffer when the bus is strange when boarded), "wrote Princess Noka.

The bus was deserted by the passengers because the final destination was in Jepon, Blora. When evacuated, it appears that the front of the bus was destroyed. This bus had a single accident allegedly because the driver was exhausted.

The windshield is also destroyed by a list or rubber clamp of glass to the wall of a dangling bus body.
A number of police and residents are on location. Some teak trees are felled for evacuation.
Information from the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Blora Regency stated that the bus had indeed suffered a single accident in Kalimodang forest. The evacuation process takes a long time because it has to cut some teak tree trunks.

"No casualties, chronology and causes are still (in) investigation of the police. Drivers and kernet rushed to the hospital," said a source in BPBD Blora Regency.

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